Justice? HA!

By now, if you are someone who at least once a day listens to a radio, watches a television, or takes a glance at a computer, you have heard about Juan Manuel Alvarez. You may not herd about his name, but that is the guy who selfishly tried to commit suicide, early Wednesday morning, by parking his jeep in front of an oncoming train, but bailed and left the jeep. He killed 11 people with that stupid ass act and injured hundreds more.

I just found onto on the evening news that they will probably seek the death people for this guy. That is so stupid! Why are they going to be seeking the death penalty for a guy who brought this on because he wanted to commit suicide to begin with? The justice system seems to want to use that "punishment" too much; the death penalty is not a punishment. It's wiping your hands clean of the problem. In this guys case, he should rot in prison. He should be able to spend the rest of his life contemplating over what pain his cowardice brought on. He should be able to know that even if he did succeed, the same outcome would have came out of that. Guilt can be a mighty good punishment for someone at times. The justice system needs to start realizing this before trying to get rid of every murderer with their "godly" action and using the death penalty.

I hate the death penalty...Does it show?


Good things come to those that wait...or so they say

Hello my millions of fans. Okay, thousands. ALRIGHT...all ten of ya'll.

I know I've been away for so very, very, very long; but patience. Time has been limited due to work, school, clothes piling up that needs some TLC and having been kidnapped and brought to Indiana...so give me a break people!!

Soon. I'll be back...soon...



Happy New Year!

It's 2005.
Who would've thunk it would approach so darn quickly.
Who would've thunk that I would feel so darn tired.
Who would've thunk my head would not stop hurting.
Who would've thunk that this has nothing to do with the few drinks I had last night. ( honestly! )
Who would've thunk I would find so many ways to use "who would've thunk."

Best wishes to everyone that 2005 is a great year (or even just good) for ya'll!