Sooo Awesome...

I've never seen so much web promotion before.Those guys involved with the Dark Knight have been biz-ee. Absolute kudos to the guys behind all these sites:


And my favorite:


These links can be thanked to Jett and his scattered minions at Batman-On-Film for posting all of these sites.


WARNING: Sesame Street Reruns may be bad to your child's health

Yes, the old Sesame Street episodes were definitely a child of its time, but sheesh, the peoples that were raised on the show are not a ruined people because of it's "unhealthy" world. Nothing wrong with an drugged out bird (I loved Snuffleupagus), a manically depressed grouch (I thought his trash can was quite lovely and especially spacious) and Cookie Monster's name is "cookie" monster for a reason.


Flickr Update!

Check it out. It's part of what I'm calling the "Being a tourist in your home town" series. This is part II. I'm a little behind with the otehr to. I'll get to it!!!


Wake Up

I swear, if Nova every did this to me....


The Future is Now

This afternoon I begun to salivate behind my co-workers shoulders while she played with the new application that is being uploaded on the designers computers: Mac's Leopard. I was only allowed to steal enough time to get a peek of it and see how smoothly it operated. You know how iTunes look, how the application is "organized"? Well that format was applied to the Leopard application and it looks so good. But that's not what made my jaw drop and that's not what this post is about...

My co-worker suggested if i wanted to see something really cool, I needed to go look up Microsoft's Surface. Which I did. You need to look. It is jaw-droppingly awesome! It can be simplified by describing it as an over-sized iPhone...sorta. Y'all just gotta see it. This is the stuff we've seen in all those furturistic movies! I can't wait to play with one...