Bear with me...

It's about three more hours till 2007 bestows its presence on us folks down here in New Orleans. I'm taking part of my family's tradition by sitting wondering when those damn kids will stop with their fireworks. Great times indeed.

I say tradition, but for me, it's more of a fallback. When there's nothing else to do, I can count on my family to be there, lounging on the sofa with me. *Sigh*, Good times indeed!

Though don’t think this is a yearly thing. Don't think I'm a shy-stay home with my cat, sipping red wine in my pajamas counting down with who-ever is gonna host the New Year's celebration in Times Square. That is schedule to take place in, let's say, 2035, at the tender age of 55. I'm totally looking forward to the crazy cat lady phase in my life!!

While my future may seem bleak and pathetic to you all, I feel like delving into my past.

Out of my 26 years here on this planet, there are a number of New Year's celebrations that simple won't leave my mind. I can remember the few times my Aunt and Uncle would host these amazing New Year's parties–in the 80's– where they invited every living soul they knew. While the grownups enjoyed the warmth of the fire burning in the fireplace (and in their bellies from the Crown of 7), the kids enjoyed chasing me, the cry baby, around the front yard with sparklers being their choose of weapon.

I can remember the New Year's celebration into the year of 1999. I was at college, standing with friends on the balcony of the on-campus apartments, drinking god knows what. Being the beginning of 1999, you can easily guess what Prince song was blaring from every freaking direction. Yep, "1999."

I can remember 2001, in which I celebrated the New Year with Drew and Stacey, in Slidell, at their friend Emily's house. That was the last New Years Stacey and Drew celebrated as "friends" for only 2 weeks later, Stacey called me, ecstatically happy that she and Drew (the man she's been chasing down since they met in 1998) and told me they were officially "dating". Two weeks later, I got a call with them officially being "boyfriend and girlfriend". Two weeks later, they were engaged. Two weeks later the were married. What a year it was for them!!

I can remember last year and which I spent driving around the city, with CK at the wheel, in the foggiest night you could ever experience. It was a scene from a horror movie in which we couldn't even see the front of the car. As you can imagine, we cursed the mighty gods on their enjoying of canceling 2005 Riverfront fireworks. (That SUUUCKED!!)

But out of all the New Year's celebration's I have ever experienced the best one and most vivid was for 2002. It was amazing. The newly weds came into town and hosted a New Year's party at the bed and breakfast they stayed at in Algiers point

Like I said, all thanks to Stacey and her wonderful husband for the memorable occasion. By the way, the sexy woman sitting down in the blue dress is Stacey.

(Clockwise left, Kristen, Drew, CK/Rob, Stacey)
It was cold and slightly wet from the humid, but it did turn out to be gorgeous night. When the time came to toast to the New Year, every one stood out on the levee, huddled together in our coats, ready to scream and shout with noisemakers in our mouths and champagne in our hands.

This was the first picture of 2002, and while being as blurry as a drunken man's vision, it still holds a certain beauty to it. It is a picture of New Orleans, how can it not be beautiful?

Now for you lovely folks that held on to the bitter end of this post, the objective of this post is simply one thing:

What is your most memorable New Year's celebration?
Why does it stick in your mind and doesn't want to leave? Was it bad or was it simply divine?

This year, ringing in the New Year is boring as hell, but it won't be next year. Call it a gut feeling. I guarantee it's gonna beat 2002.


The Lowdown

1. Just in case you haven't experienced it yourself, tv shows can make you cry. Heck, they can make you sob like a little girl who just found out there is no such thing as Santa. Now, I'm not including Lifetime's movie of the night or repeats of Sophie's Choice, but a benefit play every week tv show. For example, Doctor Who. Tonight, I cried, no, bawled like there was no tomorrow. 'Twas the season finally, character died, tears were shed.

BTW, just because it's a sci-fi show doesn't make it B, heck, a C grade show. Like they say, "don't kknock it till ya tried it" (or something to that nature).

2. I'm losing my non-existing accent. "What," you say? Well, through out my entire life, people have always asked me "where ya from," always wondering what state I hailed from. All my life. In which I've lived in Marrero (outside NOLA), all my life. I've been asked my classmates and drug store clerks and not to long ago, tourists. Everyone of them being positively shocked that I was from here. I figured it had to do with the 1000 words a second coming out of my dainty little mouth. I'm upset because I'm gaining a "westbank" accent, heck, even a country accent (which all is due to the lovely little woman from Northern Louisiana who works with me. MAJOR accent.)

I have a feeling it has a little to do with me having am urge to not fit the stereotypical reactions of being a "westbanker" which I am. Mostly, it deals with the urge to hold onto the anonymity that had been labeled upon me.

(Geography lesson: New Orleans does not follow the typical directions of north, south, east and west. We are a city that was built around a river in which it's influence has us using downtown, uptown, midcity, lakeveiw, eastbank and westbank as unofficial city names. The city of New Orleans is on the Eastbank, with my city being on the Westbank. Got it?)

3. I received an expected check from my former school. Finally, I thought, they're refunding the $25 they owed me. WRONG. It was a check for 600 dollars. Yep kids, ya read that right. $600!!! while our probably wondering what they problem is, why I don't just be happy about it has to do with me having no idea why I'm getting this. I didn't pay for school this year, the government did. So why in the world am I getting money back? I'm freaked out by it and am totally not gonna cash this check till I get the lowdown. Like I wanna pay/give this back in the future. I don't think so!!

4. I was a graphic design job and didn't take it. Money? No, they were offering me the average staring rate (and if ya wanna know what it is, look it up!! I ain'y telling!!) Location? Only a little. It's in the French Quarter, which is great...Though there is that exception of overpriced parking. Co-workers? Couldn't seem like a better gang to work with. What's the big deal? The actual job. It would have been a repetitious gig mainly dealing with clipping paths (kinda tracing than cutting out) and cloning (it's what it sounds like, only think pictures). I can't bear the repetitious thing. It drives me nuts! It was an extremely hard decision to make, but I ended following gut and declining the position.

God, I hope I it was the right choice...


Graduation...plus a promise

This gonna be sooooo boring to ya if ya don't know me or don't like watching people cross a stage than wave like a craazy fool.

If so, pay attention so you can here the name of "Angie M Robichaux" being called out. 'Cause that's me!!
First, kudos to Mrs. Satcey to joining in the festivities and playing cameraman for us fine folks. Now...

Now, the 2 hot chicks are my mom and me, and the other guy, well, that's good ole' dad. I would apologize for his, um, expression, but that's how he normaly looks. It's just a big shame that it was caught on film! (kidding, I LOVE ya dad!!)



I'm a college graduate! I'm a college graduate!!

Applied Sciences, concentration of Graphic Design

I'm a college graduate!!

I'll eventually show off myself in full graduation regalia. In the meantime, have a little fun in playing "LABEL THAT PERSON"

Picture: a bit of family from graduation get together
People: angie, kenny, adele, robert, howard

Now, who's who? (winner will get a tin of chocolates)
Close family and friends or ineligible to participate, unless the don't mention that they met the crew before, that way it doesn't look like they're cheating or that I'm playing favorites which I would never do. Never.


New Orleans Jazz

I saw this when I watched Studio 60 last week. The performance had me all teary eyed and I cried a little to it, but than again, I'm from NOLA, so I'll get all teary eyed over a little mention of the storm's after effects. I just found out that it's actually a bigger deal than I thought: case in point, I'm blogging a video of it. Have kleenix ready...


Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I'll be graduating Friday.

I have already been offered employment as a graphic designer.

The people I would work with seem great.

My salary would be a shit load better than it is now.

I am having second thoughts on taking this job after I was specifically shown what the job entails.

*sigh* What's a girl to do?


The End is Near!!!

Yep, you heard it hear first, folks. This is javafoofoo's last day of school. Tears were shed. Adieu was said to classmates and teachers. Job oppurtunities were sliped into my hand by one of my fave teachers. ( I love ya, Ms. K!!!)

Well, technically, Friday's the last, but it don't count. Final will be toooo easy to count. (Oh, for those out of the loop, me a gradate from colage tis mont.)( :D )

On another note, HAPPY REPEAL DAY!!! Drinka and drink and drink in celebration!

On a note directly to Satcey: Nobody says it's abandonment. And nobody says it's to get away from a "problem". 'Cause it's not. (and now, the reason I'm posting this...)Though I do agree, 12 hours ain't no vacation. Especially when it will includes a 6 hour drive! It's a break. A break!! (Oh, if you decide to take a break, let me know. 'Cause if not, I's got to mail ya something)