Weekend Update

The long awaited Idiosyncratic Speckles update has been done. Check it out. (It'll be worth it...I swear!)


That's All Folks!

Today was my last day at the café. So far, it just seems like I'm on vacation. I fell like this is just a break and I'll be back to work like normal. Feels like next week I'll be back to ringing up orders and telling people "have a nice day!" even though my day sucks.

God, I hope that doesn't happen.

Instead, I will take a vaction, heading out to the Spiehler household while the man of the house is out playing with his friends for the weekend. Than, Monday will be a new workday. Maybe then the feeling of going back to work at the Café will disappear.

I'll reflect on this thought this weekend while Satcey and I gorge on Haågan Dazs ice-cream and Brad Pitt. Yummm...


Who am I? Bored.

Yet I'm sure y'all firgured that out. Join in, if you dare...

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