Second hand drive to fate

I just returned from a failed expedition to find a really good wool coat for the winter. The objective was pretty damn simple: go to Burlington Coat factory, look at coats, return home. We all know that most things are not as simple as they seem.

I called the trustworthy mom up to ask what locales on the Westbank would be open for business. Ever since Katrina, most places have been boarded and closed (like Mr. Burlington), leaving the only place to go to being the dreaded Metairie/Kenner. There’s just so many extra folk around. New Orleans is starting to have traffic that can vie with Los Angeles. It has become that bad.

well, after explaining to mom that “no. Burlington will not be opening anytime later this afternoon” she suggested the Riverwalk mall. For those of you readers who are unfamiliar with this shopping center, it’s located downtown, right along the Mississippi River, on the edge of the french Quarter. Mainly a mall put there with the mission to attract tourists, us locales have heard that it has just recently opened up its’ doors. I figured what the heck, and decided to wait in the traffic that laid ahead that would end with me to the Riverwalk.

Now this was to be the first time since Katrina in which I went downtown. Prior to her, I would go down at least every other week, no fewer than once a month. i did work in that area for the past six years, though I was just recently transferred to another part of the city about six months ago. What I’m mainly getting across here is that downtown is like a second home to that. heck, I’m more familiar with that area than i am with my own home town!!

The route I ended up taking to the mall with be down a street called Convention Center Boulevard which, if you haven’t figured it out yet, ran along the Ernest Memorial Convention Center. It was the quickest route to the mall. Un-expectantly, my stomach dropped the second I begun to turn onto the street.

It wasn’t in disarray, though there were parts that still needed a little mending, but what happened was I was suddenly flooded with the images that CNN streamed violently across the nation (and world’s) television sets during the days that followed our levees breaking. I kept seeing images of hundreds of people waiting in misery for help that took too damn long to come. I recollected the pictures and stories of bodies that were left dead among the stretch while people waited. I felt sick.

I drove on, looking for an entrance to a nearby parking lot, but do to the way cars were parked in a mixed up fashion, it was had to find an entrance, or to even see if it was opened. the search led me into the French Quarter, where my stomach dropped even more. It wasn’t like the streets were abandoned, but compared to pre-Katrina, it was eerily empty. Harrah’s casino was boarded up as if never to reopen again. Construction crews and machinery were scattered about. There were few cars and few people to be seen and I’m pretty darn sure I saw a tumbleweed roll across Canal Street. I couldn’t take it. I barely drove ten blocks downtown, but I already wanted to head back. I did.

I sit here writing, realizing that maybe I’m not really ready to satisfy my curiosity by driving through New Orleans east. I realize now why the bars are the current most popular attraction with us locals. I realize now that I should’ve taken a different route downtown. C’est le vie.


Height or happiness?

I'm conflicted.

As my close friends and family know, I've been bitching like crazy about my current work status for quite some time now. I have been with current employer for almost seven years now ( exactly six years and six months) in which I have learned so many freaking things and have gained so many skills that it is not even funny. (Okay, it actually is...HA HA HA!!)

Side note: I'm having trouble concentrating while writing this do to the amazingly talented guys with Franz Ferdinand and their excellent rock album. Cue music: ' Do you wanna go where I've never let you before.'

Now back to the meat.

Okay, so I've been bitching like crazy about the current misery in my life. Today, I realized that I do enjoy, no, love my job. Currently.

I should start somewhat at the beginning for those that have no clue what I'm talking about. for the quick summary, I got this job with this big name tourism company in my city to be the traditional part time job that every college bound student obtains to pay the bills. Shoot forward six years in which this "job" has practically have become a "career." Quite unexpected. I've down everything from tourist information to customer service to cook/sous chef. Yes, I said cook.(Well, as of today. I got to be a cook! Yay!)

I had become extremely unhappy with my job, especially since a so-called "promotion" that I was offered turned out to be more of a demotion. I was going to talk to my manager about it after the seasonal hurricane evacuation. Well, due to Katrina, my tourism related job has morphed into the restaurant industry. On September 1, in an unnamed division of the company, a restaurant was to open. Instead , the ball got rolling about a month later when us folks was allowed back into this portion of the city. Due to Katrina, I'm now a hostess/waitress/sous chef/cook who does a little bartending. (Just don't ask for anything more complicated than a bloody mary.)

I figured with the many job opportunities that have arose, I would look for something that would offer a step up the corporate ladder, something that would actually show appreciation/respect for the skills I have. I found that job. It's with the pet store XXXXX. (You honestly thought i would tell? HA!) They were offering a management position after getting my feet wet in the business. I accepted it about a week ago.

Now on Monday I'll be starting up at XXXXX, though now I'm wondering...

Is this what I want? Heck, where do I see myself in the future? Where do I want to be?

I love the tourism industry. I have come to love everything about my current job. (My coworkers are no longer only of the age forty and over, and I actually am working, not like I was before Katrina in which the high-point of my day was cleaning the restroom. Sheesh...)

I can't help but wonder if I should stay where I am. I find myself asking myself if climbing the corporate ladder is what I want. Now I'm not debating on wheter or not I should quit my upcoming job, because I'm not. I do plan to stick with the two for now ( two jobs equals two paychecks which also means happy Angie.)

What do y'all think?


Liscense Plates and Chickens

Yesterday evening I was headed to my friend Rob's place to participate in the ancient American pastime, pizza and a movie[s]. The drive there was quite peculiar. During my ten minute drive to his home, my eye never caught the view of a Louisiana license plate. There was Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and even Indiana. The thought did run across my mind that those plates probably belonged to out of state visitors helping out with the hurricane efforts, but damn, it was quite peculiar.

This morning a young gentleman arrived to my house to set up an internet router that was purchased so I could get the internet on my IBook. The young gentleman was quite cute.

"Hi. I went to your neighbor's house thinking the address was 1117."

Mmm...Glad ya found it.
"I'm pretty sure I wrote 1113."

"No, you did. My bad."

"Well let me show you to the spare room."

Small talk, small talk, followed by me pulling up my screen on our Dell.

"Cool screen saver, Batman Begins. Definitely the best Batman film, and the best movie this year."

My ears perk up.
"If you like that, you should see the poster I have of that image. It's, well, just rolled up in a tube for the past five months..."

Once again, I'm irritated over how I can't afford to frame one hell of a poster. Damn 1/10 of an inch...

Followed by once again, small talk about Batman, my IBook, and our education. Also followed by my thoughts of:

"Damn this guy's cute. Looks like Jimmy Fallon a little, but heck... I wonder if they could date a customer?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out."

"But he's probably seeing someone. Cute guy, friendly demeanor, and pulling in, my guess, a hefty paycheck each week."

Enter computer jabber, how this works, how that works, how bad it is to have limewire on my computer (followed by a Napster suggestion. Apparently those sharing programs can end up having yo share more than music...) and more small talk.

"I bet you're wondering how is it that "this guy" can type so fast. Apparently those lonely Saturday nights are paying off."

"Oh look, he made a joke about 'lonely Saturday nights, how 'bout that."


"Well, like I said there's only one way to find out."

"And that's it. You're all set to go."

"Thanks a lot. "

We head out the room to the door. No, not that door, that's the garage door, yeah, that one."

"Oh look," he says, spotting my Nova, followed by him bending down, totally transfixed by the powers of a house-cat.

"Here's your chance!! Here's your chance!! Just ask him, ya chicken shit!!"

"Thanks a lot again."

We shake hands and he flashes one heck of a smile.

I wave him off, he waves back.

The door closes.

Ya chicken shit...



Lesson of the day, kids: You should always treat your waiter/waitress with respect.



I write this listening to Guns 'N Roses Patience, mainly because that is the song that has been randomly selected by my computer. I just thought y'all would like to know.

Though I would like to share some random thoughts:

1. The Christian god is supposed to be all forgiving, correct? I ask because if this is so, why would there be a hell? A bedtime story to actually make the childrens behave?

2. Micheal Jackson's Thriller, after hearing it for the first time in 1984, still creeps me out when I hear it. Strange...

3. The statement "who needs enemies with friends like these" greatly speaks true when your "friends" buy you many, many chocolates, no matter how delicious it is.

4. I shouldn't label my Sunday post as "Quote of the week" when I actually don't post it every week, like I said I would do.

5. Two of our shopping centers opened back up this past week. Yay! Not like I'm a shopaholic or anything, but it's good to hear there will be more variety (IOW, crowd disbursement) with the holiday shopping season approaching. Gosh, I hate what Christmas has become...

6. I like movies. If I could, I would marry them.
"Angie and movies, sitting in a tree

Another Meme Request

So what is the fifth line of my twentyfifth post?

"Anyway, the help comes in the form of a question: What do you wish you knew or wish somebody told you after you graduated from highschool?"

There it is.

Who I would like to see do the same:

1. Orchard
2. Drew
3. Rob
4. heck, anyone who reads my post
%. See number 4