Happy Christmas!!!

A wonderful thing happened as me and my family enjoyed the fullfillment of an overstuffed stomach and the wonderful warmth the indoors provided. It snowed!!!
To many of you out there, this might not seem like that much of an amazing thing--and it usually isn't--but it was today because me and my family reside in New Orleans where snow isn't even a thought. Go figure, Christmas 2004 brought on an unseen possibilty. It was so great! Me and my cousins ran outside like it was snowing money! I couldn't stop laughing! I actually was filled with joy. Yep folks, I said joy! I stared straight into the sky to see an awesome sight; All that was before me was a bluish-white backdrop with dancing dots! It was great! The last time it snowed was back in '89 and for some reason I don't remember the action of it snowing--probably because mom wouldn't let me and my brother go out until it stopped--but all I remmeber is playing in the residue it left. It didn't leave snow in which snowballs and snowmen are made of, but this watery, dirty slush. Sorta like what would be left of your dreams and aspirations as it begun to fall apart.
I wanted so badly to get a picture of the snow falling but ufortunatly mom didn't bring the camera. So I wished beyond wishes that it would remain this way for only 20 more minutes till we got home. But alas, this is New Orleans,so snow falls only as long as one could hold his breath; on the trip home the snow became sleet, which is not very fun to play in.
But I shall always try to remember Christmas 2004 and how it snowed and how I laughed and how I froze my damn fingers off because I didn't have any gloves on.




I'm on the final day of a two-day off from work schedule and wow!, it certainly feels great. Maybe I should put in a request to have my off days scheduled like this every week. I'm already looking toward the week-end b/c my boss gave me a two-day off again. Well, sorta. Everyone will be getting X-Mas day off
--contrary to all the visitors of New Orleans belief that we should be working our arses off on a family oriented holiday--and the grand ole boss gave me Sunday off too. Yippee Kye Yah!!! (Is that how it would be spelled?)

Anyhoo, I actually have a number of things to talk my little fingers off about...Mainly cause I'm sorta bored, *hehehe*, and because I want to play with the bullets.

  • Yesterday was a visit the relatives day. A few things were discovered. First off, the weather can change in a heartbeat in this messed up state.
    We--mom and dad--were visiting my mother's aunt in Thibodaux, LA which is only about an hour drive away from home. We made a pit stop at a cementary were my dad's mom was laid to rest earlier this year and when we step out the car
    WHAM !! It was like the artic winds were making a pit stop in Cajun country. Freaking cold...brrrr and all that.
  • Also learned yesterday that no matter how old you get, visiting distant relatives shall always be boring. Though maybe it's just me. I've never been a gossiper and never have been one for gossip--at least about people I barely know. That's what yesterday was about; it was catching up with the family. I heard talk about people I didn't even knew existed that turned out to be family I met before. Sheesh...Here I am at the tender age of 24 already watching my memory disintegrate. Though I did appreciate that my great aunt had a wonderful addiction to making tons of sweets for the holidays. Always a good thing. Always.
  • My cousin is the greatest!! I love him!! Bless him and his god given talents!! So, yesterday I also learned that my cousin is being pushed into and being highly recommended to attend an audition at New York City's famous Julliard! He's currently a senior in high school who has shown an amazing talent in percussion. Specifically the marimba, which, according to dictionary.com is a large wooden percussion instrument with resonators, resembling a xylophone. He has been playing for only three years. THREE. Blows me away every time I talk about him and think about this. He first started with the piano and next thing everyone knew he wanted to learn more and more and more. I wish ya'll could hear him on the marimba. He's amazing. But enough with my cousin praising, let me get back to Julliard. Okay, because he's on his way to becoming a great virtuoso, his band directed at his high school pushed him into being accepted into the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts, NOCCA, which has budded a number of excellent talents in a number of different fields. His been going there since around August. Though just recently one of his teachers has highly recommend him for Julliard and I AM SO FREAKING PROUD!!! That's really all I know right now, though I have been just notified that there is a high possibility that his parents will allow him to audition. I hope so. I love the performing arts and I will live through my cousin if it kills me!!
  • Plus, about the last thing, my cousin auditioning for Julliard, did I mention it's in NYC? I love NYC. I miss NYC. Badly. With an aching yearn. I went there for the first time this past July and it really got it's hook in me. The people, the subways, the museums, and let me not forget the Italian ices....mmmmm Italian ices. I need to stop babbling about NYC, it's making me miss it more!!!



A New Day...

Today is the just the beginning. Of what...well, only time can tell 'cause I don't have any clues. Though I will begin with dedicating this blog to a certain co-worker that labeled me Bunny Foo-Foo, hence, setting the wheels into motion for today. Also a specail thanks out to Clark, who pretty much gave me the name Java Foo-Foo for this blog. Now let's sit back and see if this actually goes somewhere...
***names have been altered to protect the indivual's privacy, so you better do the same!!!***