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While most of the world's population contains those with moneymaking schemes, I’ve always been a money-saving schemer. I find a worthy cause, err, item, and plan my scheme on how I can eventually own it.

The recent fixation is a new home. ( Check out the Scarlet Rose Model, 1468; that's the one I'm currently eyeing!) It's a little far away from my dream of buying a fixer-upper, but the price is practically a steal! You see, one is not only buying a house, but also the fixtures, appliances, and labor. Only other major thing that a buyer needs to provide is the foundation. Oh, and land. I shouldn't forget that important detail.

That's kinda the cool part. After coming to the conclusion that it wouldn't be a bad idea to save up and purchase a lot, it also became clear that I already knew of a perfect place. It's right next to my brother's house, which used to belong to our grandma. It's a wonderful subdivision that's about 60 years old. But there does lay a problem. The lot I speak of is owned by an evil, evil man that wants $25,000 for a piece of property that is 26 feet wide and 120 feet deep. This wouldn't be too bad except that the foundation for a past store is still there, along with a small little building that was "renovated" just enough so the guy wouldn't have to demolish the piece of crap. Did I also mention that the property line is only 2 feet away from my brother's house? (FYI: Today's building codes state that a house must be at least 6 feet away from the property line. Hence, a new house could not be built there unless those standards are met.) Now, because of those factors, the only 2 folks that have ever been interested in it have been the two houses flanking this property. And both parties think he wants too much.

See the problem? But it would be such a great place for one of those homes that are only 13 feet wide!!

At the same time, I’m finding myself at odds with myself since I always told people that I would love to live outside the city for a few years. This urge I have to own a home has been slowly swallowing that statement, and I guarantee, that adorable little house didn't help it one damn bit.

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny Hates You

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Lookey, Lookey

I love this guy. He's a waiter and one hell of a writer. And I can't even begin to explain how this article was needed at the time. You rock waiter!