Foo Foo Film Fest

Being that the unbearable summer heat has approached us in the Big Easy, it is always a wise decision to find any activity that can be enjoyed in the enveloping coolness that air-conditioners bring, very wise.

For me, I have picked up the delightful past time of renting movies and catching up on my filming education.

About two weeks ago I finally got around to renting “Lawrence of Arabia.” It was a beautiful epic, sad finale’.

This past week, I took advantage of my plentiful discounts I have acquired to Blockbuster, and rented “Lost in Translation”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

I need suggestions and more ideas on what to rent. For some strange reason, my mind keeps blanking on what I wanted to rent. (I really need to write them down…) So far, my walk-down-the-aisle-till-you-see-something-you-want method has been proving itself to be useful. Though I ask dear readers, what would you suggest?

What movies would you describe as a must see?

What films have you seen that have impressed you?

What movies have you seen simply took your breath away or made you go “wow”?

Any recommendations will be extremely appreciated!

: D


Conversations with the cat


Sing on Brother Bowie, sing on.

Sometimes, you feel that it’s the right time. What it’s the right time, depends on who you are and , well, what you need. For me, I need a change. I’ve been feeling that way for, hmm, maybe about four years now. Yes, it is quite a long time, but, well, you know.

I’m ready for that change, at least emotionally I am. Now am I financially ready...that is a totally different subject.

Every other day my thoughts float into the notion of traveling and seeing what the nation, no, the world has to offer. God willing, I only have about fifty more years till Death beckons me to her arms. Which also would give me somewhere around thirty more years of a participating body, to go along with my soul! Ahhh...to think, there actually was a time in our lives in which we couldn’t wait to grow up. How I long for those days of future past.

I had a conversation with Nova, my cat, in which I told him I was ready to move on. I asked if he was. Surprisingly, his answer was yes, he was ready to move on...to his food bowl. Ahhh...to have to troubles and worries of a cat. How I envy thee...

The other day I called my brother up.

“Kenny, are you available for lunch or dinner one day?”

“What? What’s this about?”

“What?! Can’t a sister ask her brother out for a meal?”

“Uh, no.”

“Well, Kenny, you’ve figured me out. Here I was thinking I could pull a fast one on you. My real motive was so I could hit you up for some cash,” I answered back sarcastically.

Laughter could be heard.

My brother and I have never been what one would call close. I can’t think of the countless times in my life in which I tried desperately to achieve some kind of bond with him. The notion has occurred to me that I’m chasing a cloud. It’s not something that I’ll ever be able to obtain. Though I was struck with the fact that one day, hopefully in the far, far future, my brother will be my only family. As much as I want them to, my parents will not live forever. Death will greet them, and knowing my parents, they’ll gladly welcome her.

So that’s what that outing attempt was. I want to bond with my brother.

The older I get, the more I realize that I’m a person who’d very comfortable with who she is and isn’t really scared of being alone. I’m perfectly calm at the notion of never finding that “someone” and never having kids. Though there are people I know who simply freak out with that type of radical thinking (way too many folk think that view is one hundred percent pessimistic...what ignorant times we live in,) I just don’t believe it’s for everyone. It’s not my calling. Now my friend Satcey on the other hand... ;)

It’s all random thoughts. I think “Lost in Translation” had an effect on me. A positive effect, but an effect on me none the less.

“...turn and face the strain.”


Like this post will matter...

...but people, when it says "no children allowed", please respect and follow it!!

Now I don't hate kids, but I'm definitely not what you consider kid friendly (probably due to me never being around kids, other than myself, growing up).
Though, at the doctor today, a woman brought her three-year old to the doctor's office and he was simply a wild one. Hopping and yelling and walking around giving magazines to us otehr patients and trying to climb on us and just staring at us...ARGH! I was ready to scream! I do not feel comfortable around kids, especially a stranger's kid. Here I was, waiting for my appointed at the OB-GYN (for those of you that are slow, it's the women doctor) with eight other women who all seemed to fine and dandy with this hyper-active kid. Some were even encouraging his "cute" behavior! there was a reason that sign was put up, yet she was blatantly ignoring the thing. It would've been another if the kid actuall y sat and would shut up, but...

Why can't people follow instructions!! GRRRRR....


Brain Pains

My brain hurts.

About two-weeks ago I came up with this wonderful premise for a story/novel/poem (whatever it wants to be...) and have been working on it ever since then. I got my friend C.K. to collabrarate with me, and so far, it's been great. Though unfortunately my mind won't stop thinking about it.

We've been letting the story write itself, since, as of now, we're definite on who two of our main characters are, and we have about three scenes we're confident about. Unfortunatly, we're stuck on a conflict, which is just a tad important. :D

The past two days I've been immersing myself in no brain activites (watching cartoons, watching eyecandy movies, etc. and etc.), trying to distract my brain from, what's that word? Oh, yes, thinking.

It didn't work.

No matter what I do, my mind starts to wander, trying to answer all the questions that need to be answered. Woe is me!!!

My brain hurts...and I wish it would stop.


NYC: More of Day 2 and 3

Took tons of Empire State building pics because the veiws were so amazing. This was a fave veiw due to the obvious site of Times Square in the midst of the city. I would hate to see their electric bill...

I got on my knees and leaned on my back and took a pretty darn good sanp of the Empire's spire. It came out looking all retro, like it was embellished with neon lights...which it wasn't.

There were these amazing stain glass murals in the Empire's lobby of the 10 or 12 or whatever number of ancient wonders, including this one of the building itself.

See how cool a pic can be when ya invert the colors?

One of my fave spots...Washington Square. It had am absolute New Orleans vibe to it. Don't beleive me? Check out the small nude child playing in the water: bottom left corner, 2nd kid from the left. Can't get any more N'awlins than that!

One of the many inspiring shots I took. There was so much awesome architecture.

This was my only goal: find the enormous billboard of Batman Begins in Times Square! We got there, and it wasn't there. Walked back and forth, looked high and low, and eventually gave up. Came back the next day to check out bargain theatre prices and out of nowhere, my friend Rob screams, "LOOK! There's the Batman ad"! Bull, is what I thought, like they can put a billboard up over night. He swore it was true, so I turned and there it was! Than I watched it dissolve away and watched it disappear! Apparently it shared the Toys'R'Us windows with 3 others ads. The were displayed on 10 minute intervals on theses roll out screens. Go figure! In the meantime, Look how BIG!!

My fave NYC 2005 momnet. While heading to NY's library down a side street, a crowd blocks the avenue creating a lot of racket. "Hey!" "Look Here!' DENZEL!" Yep, Denzel. As in Denzel Washington. He was signing autographs (guy in blu with baseball cap--left center) and making people go nuts. I didn't care too much for the siting, though I was amused at how star struck so many became, and how many camera phones I saw in use, all at once!

THE library. Took lots of photos, this is one of my fave. Not the best veiw of the libaray, but the I love the wonderful atmosphere that was caught that moment.

See what can happen when you try to take an active shot of the subway...damn guy got in the way...

Well, that's it guys and gals! Hope you enjoyed the NYC 2005 presentation.

For prints of teh previous pictures, please post a request with which one. Open schedule tickets to New York City is the only payment accepted.


NYC: Day 2

Really beautiful, really old. I think it's St.Patrick's.

If ya can't read the sign, it says Broadway.

The 'walk' sign was all aglow, so I quickly ran to mid-crosswalk and snapped one of my fave shots.

A central park veiw.

Another central park veiw.

I had time to stop and smell the roses, or pansies as it might seem.

One of my fave all time songs is "Imagine". It would've been wrong for me not to stop here.

The guy who lays out the flowers said he's done it--weather permit--everyday for the past 20 years. I sat here for a couple of hours watching...it was great.

Better Late than Never...

Though my trip has been about three weeks ago, I finally got around to scanning and saving and uploading my pictures.

It was a great trip. Weather was perfect and I traveled in good company...who had relatives witha place to shack at on the Island! (You the man, Rob!)

In the meantime, enjoy the pics, one day at a time! I preent to y'all, Day 1:

Look! Me!...in DC's Reagan Airport.

An infinite number of taxis sat ouside Laguardia waiting for their potential victims, I mean customers.

Some of the best veiws are seen from one's car.


Dennis the Menace

If you're not a Southern United States resident, chances are you think I'm talking about that pestering blond kid, but I'm not.

In actuality, I speak of that darn hurricane that's in the Gulf of Mexico right now promising to wreak havoc on either us folks in southern Louisiana, the Mississippi Gulf coast, Alabama Gulf Coast or somewhere's around the Western border of Florida. It sucks when this happens, because everyone wants it to go soemwhere's else, which is wishing the harm to go on whom-ever that might be. Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

So right now, in the vicinity of New Orleans (which is where this little ol' gal is from), we are being commaded to leave if ya can or we're waiting to be told to get out. (IOW, waiting for the mandatory evacuation message to be placed, which my guess will be this afternoon.) Part of me wants to stay--meaning hurricane go away--another part of me wants to be evacuated--that's the kid in me:D--and than there's the adventurous freak in me who want's to yell to the storm "BRING IT ON!!" and have a NEw Orleans hurricane party! That consist of of one locking themself in their home with numbers of friends and family and getting drunk and mainly having a party! Very unsafe; very dangerous; very stupid, but LOTS OF FUN!

In the meantime, here are some more quizes:

You Are Coffee Ice Cream
Energetic and lively, you are always on the go.
You're doing a million things at once and doing them well.
You tend to motivate others and raise spirits.
You are most compatible with chocolate ice cream.

I'm compatible with ice-cream?

Part Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity
You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off
And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable

Part Passionate Kisser

For you, kissing is about all about following your urges
If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story
You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses
A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble

Yeah baby...;)

Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne

What You Call Him: Pops
Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland

Sch-weet! And all this time I thought I was a simple Cajun girl...


Another A$$hole alert

I honestly can't post what I want to say about the pricks and a$$holes involved with London.

My greatest thoughts and prayers go out to London and her people during this frightening time.



*My apologies to Mel Gibson for ripping off his emotional line from "Braveheart".

It’s the Fourth of July here in the United States of America. I’m not gonna get all patriotic and blab on about how we’re the greatest nation and all the crap, since that’s what that is, crap! In my honest opinion, it’s a horrible thing to declare since, to me, it doesn’t seem to convey a sense of pride, but a sense of ignorance. Unless one has travel the world and seen every nation that our diverse world offers, there is no way to actually get a personal sense of who or what the greatest is.

Though this isn’t what today’s blog entry is to be about. Instead, I want it to be a celebration in freedom, which is what the Fourth of July is about. A celebration in history when this nation became it’s own. So, in honor of today, I want ya’ll to post whatever you want. Got a gripe? Post it. Is there something you’re proud of? Post it. Do you want to say what you had for breakfast? Post it!!

Whatever it is, no matter how trivial it might seem or how stupid (which are the best; humour funny!). Celebrate today…oh, and remember to pig out on barbeque, the other thing the Fourth of July is about!! Oh, and...




Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Anniversary of being alive. I was hoping to write some insightful blog; you know, a reflection of my past-25-years-on-earth type of entry. Apparently, yesterday showed me that birthdays are just another day! Nothing-insightful here…typical.

My ever so great parents took me out to dinner last night at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse. That place is the bomb! Oh my gosh, the steaks were heavenly! The wine was incredible! The cheesecake was so delicate! *drool* This is definitely a highly recommended restaurant you should hit at least once in your lifetime. Oh, and be prepared to spend your weekly paycheck there, it’s a little pricey… : D

I have successfully returned back to my roots as being Javafoofoo…I am shaking like a leaf because of that! I completely forgot how much I love coffee and completely forgot that one shouldn’t have two cups of coffee in a twelve-hour period when one hasn’t drunk a smidgen of coffee in over a month. My bad!

Also, I'm a Bat-fan and proud of it! So to all my friends who shake their heads while giggling at the notion of me seeing Batman Begins four times, :P ! I don't mind being a bat-fanatic, a bat-geek, batty for Bats, etc, etc. We all have our passions, be it food, films, God/religion, politics, or Batman! So, :P !