5 Reasons Why I Love Her

My mom's the best in the whole world. Not a day goes by in which I know that I am lucky, no, blessed to call her mom. I couldn't ask for a better one. And here are some reasons why:

1. Simply, she's my best friend. I can talk to her about almost anything (she still is a mom!) and know that she can listen not as a mom, but as a friend. When I was 19, I was getting physically sick going to school, my third semester in college. I hated it, but didn't want to drop out because I didn't want to disappointment my parents. I knew how they would react and I didn't want to go through a parental rant. I started crying while going to my classes because I hated it so much. I couldn't take it any more, swallowed my fear and told them. "That's why you been sick?" responds my mom. Yep, no scolding, just a simply "if ya hate it that much, leave. Don't get sick over it." Figured...:D

2. She's always there for me when I'm sick like crazy. She'll be by my side, caressing my face and hair just as she did when I was 5 years old, even though I'm now 27. Nothing's more comforting than that.

3. She made me my favorite meal on my first day of my new job. Just recently, I got my first job that was rel event to my degree. I come home to smell one of my favorite mom meals on the stove (Sausage and potato stew, yummy!). I question her why shewas cooking that. It was a Monday and we do live in New Orleans so by law one must cook red beans and rice. All she did was smile and I knew that she was cooking it for me. I felt so special!

4. She's always helped me financially, even with out me asking. Again, I state that I'm 27, and she (and my dad) are still allowing me to stay at home, even though they would've kicked me out long ago. (Though I have a feeling that there are some factors that keep them from doing that!) Instead, they'll letting me hang here till I become financially stable to live on my own. Also, she's gave me down payment money for my current car, and I didn't ask for it. She paid off the $2000 remaining money on my student loan as a graduation gift.

5. She's a strong women; I'm talking about emotionally and morally. I've seen her stand her ground on little things and I've seen her hold her head high on occasions that would make others crumble.

I love her so much that actions and words could never express it enough. I fear the day in which she disappears from my life for I can't imagine my life without her.

Now, this isn't officially, but I'm going to tag anyone who reads this. And I know who some of you are! :D

In the meantime, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone who has been a mother in any shape or form. And mom, this rose is for you.