New Year Bummer

I had nothing to do and no where to go last year and this year has greatly improved with invites to 2, read that 2 New Year parties... that I can't make. I've got a cold that won't go away and already missed work because of it. And I was looking forward to getting drunk and attempting to sing at the top of my lungs "Auld Lang Syne". I guess there's always next year. Bummer.


Picture Meme

This looked like way too much fun to past. Satcey posted it with instructions to google the answers. I did yahoo, just to try to avoid any repeats.

1. Age I'll be on my next birthday:

2. Place I would like to travel:

New Zealand has been number 1 for quite some time. It's those damned Lord of the Rings movies that made me want to go ever so badly...and than there's the accents. Yummm... :)

3. Favorite Place:

New Orleans will always be number 1, but New York follows behind.

4. Favorite food:

French Fries and Fresh Fish (aka sushi/sashimi). Always, always a winning combination!

Please note the Corona in the background. Beer is a fundamental player in crawfish boils.

5. Favorite animal:

It's funny becuse cats don't need lawn chairs.

6. Favorite Color:

While blue was the reigning champ for a loooong time, red is slowly pushing it out of it's place. I only I could wear make-up like that at work...

7. Town I was born in:

This is definitely what I did not have in mind.

8. Name of past pet:

Well it was beter than naming her "Baseball."

9. Name of past love:

The last time I saw him was when we were both in college, about 7 years ago. He didn't age too well.

10. My first name:

This wasn't the first thing that poppedup. I'll leave it at that.

11. Bad habit I have:

I couldn't think of a current one, so here's a blast from my past.

12. My first job:

I'll give you one guess.

13. Grandmother's name:
Two grandma's. Two names. Two pictures. One BIG difference.

14. College major
Round One:

Round Two:

Okay, no more memes till next year.


I Support Ron Paul!!

According to WWLtv, Ron Paul is totally up my alley! It was nice to see an anonymous author's quiz matched me up properly.

But it also brought up this guy...

Hmmm... I think I'll stick with Paul.


A NOLA Wish List

Give me a king cake smear
Give me a beignet kiss
Give me a French quarter morning that looks just like this

Give me the endymion krewe
Give me the times-picayune
Give me a drunk and lazy crawfish boil in muggy sticky June

Give me a six pack of Dixie
Give me some assorted Abita beers
Give me a city where it only snows once every 10 years

Give me a green neutral ground
Give me a mardi gras ball
Give me a medium rare burger at my grand old Port of Call

Give me a glittery drag show
Give me the streetcar line
Give me the House of the Rising Sun
Give me a Tchoupitoulas sign

Give me a shrimp and oyster poboy
Give me lovebug season in May
Give me my New Orleans-
I will definitely stay.