It's All About the Bling

So the other day I caught a part of VH1's show Driven. It was the one about Beyoné Knowles. She was talking about her song Bootylicious (click for sample). She talked about the song's origins and how silly she thought it was, and how popular the term became. She also mentioned how it has been added to the dictionary. Say what?! The dictionary, ya gotta be kidding me!

So, I checked, and laughed my ass off: (please keep in mind that this is not from a special dictionary, for example, an urban dictionary)

bootylicious |?bo?tl?i sh ?s|
adjective informal sexually attractive.
ORIGIN early 21st cent.: from booty (slang for ‘buttocks’ ), on the pattern of delicious.

Of course, I couldn't stop the search there, check out these other terms:

bling-bling |?bli ng ?bli ng |
noun informal expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry, or the wearing of them : behind the bling-bling: are diamonds worth it?
ORIGIN 1990s: perhaps imitative of light reflecting off jewelry, or of jewelry clashing together.

homie |?h?m?| (also homey) noun ( pl. homies) informal a homeboy or homegirl.

google |?go?g?l|
(also Google) verb informal [ intrans. ] use an Internet search engine, particularly Google.com : she spent the afternoon googling aimlessly.
• search for the name of (someone) on the Internet to find out information about them : you meet someone, swap numbers, fix a date, then Google them through 1,346,966,000 Web pages.
ORIGIN from Google, the proprietary name of a popular Internet search engine.

bitching |?bi ch i ng | (also bitchen or bitchin' |?bi ch ?n|)
adjective informal excellent : a bitching new album. adverb [as submodifier ] extremely : it's bitchin' hot, ain't it?

mofo |?m??f?|
noun vulgar slang short for mother####er . (gotta protect the kiddies, ya know...well, at least try to)

outta |?out?| (also outa)
preposition an informal contraction of “out of,” used in representing colloquial speech : we'd better get outta here.

y'all was also in the dictionary, but damn, it read more like an encyclopedia instead of a definition!! So I did y'all a favor, and left it out!

Hope y'all were entertained!!

And by the way, all these definitions were taken from Apple's Dictionary, Version 1.0.1 (1.0.1), Copyright © 2005 Apple Computer, Inc.,


Meme Time

It's called the "ABC Meme" and was taken from Satcey's Blog who took it from Canadian Emma's blog, who took it from Andrew's blog, and so on, and so on...

Here's moi's:

Accent: I have been asked since the moment I was conceived about where in the North east I hailed from. My response, "my lasy name is Robichaux." That answered their "are you from NOLA" question every time. (For those out of the loop, Robichaux is 100% cajun name. 100%)

Booze: Yodka in the form of an extra dirty martini. Stirred, not shaken.

Chore I hate: Dusting. It really sucks to do this when you have a cat that sheds as much as my cat does. You'll be amazed where cat hair can appear...

Dogs/Cats: One amazing cat. (I love ya Nova!)

Essential electronics: My G4 Ibook, dvd player, and the tv that allowas me to watch it.

Favourite perfume: Ralph Lauran's Romance.

Gold/Silver: Silver

Hometown: Marrero, Louisiana

Insomnia: No thank you.

Job title: Damn, that's a good question...and a hard one.

Kids: Not yet.

Living arrangements: With the folks hopefully only till summer next yea. (Woo-Hoo!! I finally graduate this December!!)

Most admired trait: A lot of common sense and a trait of not being shoucked by much. (Ask any of my friends. Think of the most shockingly disgusting image you can think of. All you'll get from me is a giggle, "oh" and a shrug.)

Number of sexual partners: One. (I'm sorry mom, it was a stupid college thing. ANd yes, my mom does read this, though hopefully not this . :D

Overnight Hospital Stays: Not yet, and I hope it stays that way.

Phobia: Nothing. I get a little edgy around some thinks, maybe a little stardled, but I don't have any phobias.

"America this is quite serious
America this is the impression I get from looking at a television set.
America is this correct?" Allen Ginsberg

Religion: Spirituality would be the closest I'll get to religon.

Siblings: 1 brother.

Time I usually wake up: 8AM

Unusual talent: WEll, I used to be able to do Xena's war cry (which I don't think I can do anymore) other than that, I don't know...

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Mustard Greens, ugh.

Worst habit: Hmmm, procrascination definitely is one (in fact, I'm doing that right now!) and....

X-rays: That would be a fun power to have..Oh, you mean have I had them? Every so often at the dentist, once to check out my knee, and if it counts, a MRI and EKG.

Yummy foods I make: Eggplant, Italian sausage and Ziti Casserole

Zodiac sign: Cancer, the crab. And can I ever be that...


Donnie Darko: Part II

Ahhh...So that's what it was all about. Aparently I wasn't off in what I got from the movie in being all along the line of time travel, a subject i never try to delve into. Who needs a headache by trying to rationalize time and space?

Anyway, I totally recommend it. Get out there folks; rent that movie. It's definitely a lot more interesting than, let's say, Superman Returns. Well, if you're not after an action movie that is. (If ya want action, I'll always recommend The Professional (AKA Leon) my favorite movie. Ever.

This past weekend seemed to be an epiphanic weekend. Revalations were had. Things came to my attention, even though it was always there, right in front of my face. The specifics of it are of no importance (well, to you at least. Hah-hah!! :P ) As of now, as of this very moment in time, I feel a sense of serenity.

Yes, I did just recently cry out in a wallow of self-pity to how irritated my life is, but I know (and knew) that it was only a phase. We all have our highs and we all have our lows in life. The question is does one have the strength to wait for that phase to melt into another one?

Whoa, getting a little deep there.

I'll blame it on Donnie. Yea, it's his fault...


Happy 230th Birthday, USA!

First, this ass needs to be deported to Iraq so the Iraqi government can take care of him. He might get the death penalty here (though I fear an insanity plea), but I'm pretty darn sure the Iraqi government has different ideas about crime and punishment. Death may be too lame of a punishment for that guy.


This is such a special Fourth of July for me; It's officially the first time I have had off from work on this day since I graduated from high-school over seven years ago. This not only means that I get to hang with the family and listen to the outrageous fun-loving mockery that happens when family gets together, but I also don't have to celebrate a holiday on leftovers!!

Remember, the fourth of July is not just about celebrating the "birthday" of a country, but also celebrating a day off to hang with family and friends.

It's all about the Barbecue, baby!!


Donnie Darko: Part I

Uh, this was one heckuva strange movie that creeped me out and I have no idea what it was truly about. Was it a dream? Was it a flashback? Was it a delusional dream/nightmare? Was it time travel? What ever it truly was, I LOVED it.

Stay tuned for "Donnie Darko: Part II" in which I discuss my thoughts on on the after watching it a second time with the Audio Commentary turned on. If anyone can help me with what the heck this was all about, I'm sure writer/director Richard Kelly and Director Kevin Smith can do the job.

BTW, this movie reminded me a lot about Primer, yet another strange movie that kicked azz.

It's all about time travel, baby! Oh, and before I forget, Superman Returns sucked!