Sooner or later

I'm writing from the safety of Lake Charles, Louisiana, anxiously awaiting some kind of news of my hometown, Marrero, only minutes outside of New Orleans.

So far, the only optimistic news us locales have been getting is that "it could've been worse."

The footages I have seen, are probably the saem you have seen. Many locales in New olrenas that I have come to know and love are either underwater or have crumbled due to the high winds, which we just aren't prepared for.

I'm scared of how bad my (and my friends'and family's) lifestyles will change. I work in the hospitality industry and just like many others, I'll be out of ork (IOW, no income) for an unknown anount of weeks. Weeks.

Once agian, if you pray, pray.
If you can donate to the Red Cross, pleas do so. (Not for me, but for those who are in a heck of a lot worse shape than those I know...there is so many.)

An d if you are also a native, or if you were affected by this storm, I hope you bade well...I hope I will.

Best Wishes to All


To all the N'awlins folk in the House!

Take care and be safe.

Katrina looks like she'll be heding this way and is gonna be a realbitch. Some women... : D

I'm one of those folk and the family is gonna run on out later this evening in the hopes of missing the storm. God bless relatives kind hosting actions!

If you're one of us folk who's in the projected path, please be safe. It's not so much our possesions that matter, but our lives.

Okay, that's not really true, but you get the point.

If you pray, please pray for us adn keep us in your thoughts.



Finally, something to past the time with

Heaven rejoice! Trumpets sound! Angels sing in jubilations!

School has started back up!!

Yes, small childrens of the world, I hear you cries and screams and declarations of how crazy I am to say that. Please listen to these words of wisdom: all your hatred of school shall begin to disappear when you enter college.

Of course, reasons shall vary.

Maybe it'll be the many oppurtunities that shall arise to make new friends. Maybe you will take joy in moving out and away from the powers of authority that take care of you. Maybe you will be so drunk and drugged out* that you won't even notice the drudging school life you have entered into. Or maybe there is a small chance you'll wind up like me, and actually appreciate and love the different things you'll be learning.

Or maybe you'll be so bored that even the "punishment" of term papers and tests and the numerous books you'll have to read overnight is like Heaven compared to the boredom that once infested your life.

Hey, it could happen...

In the end, I really don't give a rats azz how you feel about school because I love it...even if it just costs me $1000** for three books that I won't even give a second glance to after this semester ends.

*Here at Javafoofoo we do not endorse the use of alchohol and drugs, though we would be hypocrites if we say anything else, for reasons that cannot be dwelved into. Thank you for your understanding!
** Okay, so it wasn't really $1000 but $300, but it's still a lot!!!


Glimmers of humanity


Glass half full...or half empty?

Half Full: I work with a charming group of individuals who love to share their life-learned wisdom.
Half Empty: My co-workers are a bunch of old farts who won’t stop talking!!

Half Full: I work only a short four-minute drive
from where I live.
Half Empty:I’m trapped in seeing and meeting the same freaking things everyday.

Half Full: At work, I have the opportunity to develop
the job I fulfill.
Half Empty: At work, I have absolutely no chance of moving up the corporate ladder, so I need to shut up
and deal with it.

Half Full: My job offers many opportunities to catch up on reading and writing, e.g. writing this entry.
Half Empty: I am BORED!


"Ode to Angie"

Way back in the early nineties, my best friend was this amazingly creative girl, Kate. She loved to write, which she had a gifted talent for. Anytime we got together, extereme goofiness was guaranteed to follow. (I remember we recorded our own "talk show" on caseette. (I can't beleive I still have that embarrasing giggle fest...)

She wrote this about and for me. Everytime I read it, it brings huge smile to my face, even if it is a tad out-dated.

Ode To Angie

November 6, 1993, by Kate T.

"She was a wild one--constantly "sunny." From her head to her ten toes, Angie was the perfect example of a comedy actor. She did want to be an actor. She was funny, loving, and a lover of Disney movies (especially Aladdin!) As funny as Angie is, she does have a serious side. Her favorite color is teal--a symbol of proof that she was many interesting colors interwoven to form something so unnique, you would recognize her ANYWHERE! (Even if she were disguised as an old man.)"

Thanks Kate.


“Dreams are weird and stupid and they scare me.”

I normally don’t have nightmares, not even bad dreams. I never knew why and I’m not complaining. I had a few when I was young, but even then it wasn’t that bad (and they were very strange, like every child’s worse dream, a shower head in my room!)

Last night became one of the first I had in many years.

I woke up around 4AM feeling scared and apprehensive. Not exactly emotions that are fun to have.

It started off with me in a hair salon. My family was also there getting haircuts. My cousin Heather was in it—not exactly someone I ever got along with—and she wanted me to cut her hair, short, like mine was. I didn’t want her to look like me, so I suggested her to just cut a little off so she can work her way to having short hair, and she obliged.

The typical dream phase begun in which weird things appeared, like people that would be more comfortable in an S&M club, and a laundry mat appeared in the salon. Can’t you see how they both
complimented each other?

I went to wash some clothes. I noticed this mousey looking fellow staring at me with crazed look to his face. He asked me strange questions, which you could imagine didn’t exactly make me feel comfortable. I try to be nice to him, telling him I’m not interested in him, trying to keep him from going crazy. I than headed away from him as quickly as possible into an enclosed staircase that
headed to a second floor.

He followed me. Though he was no longer who he was, he was now
a crazed midget.

Yep, you heard me right, a midget.

I went through the second floor immediately asking for help from the first person I saw, which was that mousey guy. When he heard who was following me, he freaked and told me to run, following him
to his apartment.

The crazy midget was quickly following us. The mousey guy fumbled with his apartment keys, trying desperately to get inside the apartment before we were spotted. The door clicked and we practically fell through the door in a rush, and slammed it behind,

We were safe…thank god.

Or so we thought.

The midget was outside the door trying to charm his way inside, asking nicely for us to open the door. I guess it worked because mousey guy did, even though I pleaded with him not to be so damn stupid. I swear, some men…

The midget approached me, and offered me these severed fingers. They looked like they were children’s fingers. I pleasantly declined saying “sorry, I got to go”, trying not to let the fear that enveloped me appear in my voice.

Than I headed downstairs, so I could get the hell away from him.

Went I hit the salon, the S&M characters were gone, with insane patients taking their place. They seemed docile, even drugged, just roaming the salon. Though I would’ve so much would’ve of
taken the former.

I want to get away form this place so I head out of the salon, which was in a shopping mall. I parked my car on the other side of the mall, right outside the JCPenny’s that was located at the end.

Before leaving, someone gave me a cup of smothered potatoes, which I gladly took, since I was hungry. I walked toward my car, eating the potatoes and found severed fingers in them. (What the hell is up
with those fingers?!)

Once again, I was scared to show fear and stunned, so I simply ate around the potatoes and headed even faster toward my car.

When I finally reached Penny’s, I saw that the midget was close by, stalking me. I immediately searched and found a security guard, asking for his help. He went after the midget, and proceeded to bring him back to where ever he was meant to be.

I was almost out of the store, when the guard returned with something in his hand.

“He wanted you to have this”

“This’ was another severed finger. I took it, said thank you, but threw it away in a trashcan before leaving. (What the heck am I to do with a severed finger, anyway?)

I finally reached my car and pulled out my keys to open them. My key was no longer a key, but a thumb. Somehow this didn’t surprise me. I thought to myself that I forgot he switched my driver’s side key, and went around to the passenger side to enter the car. I was in and safe. Freaking finally.

I slid into the driver’s side and proceeded to drive off, feeling a sensation of peace over taking me. The strange horror was
now behind me.

The weather change from bright and sunny outside and dark clouds rolled in, and rain poured violently down. I needed to roll up my windows, but before hand, I caught a man standing in the road, waving hands for help. I tried to keep from hitting him, but it too late. I slammed into him and he rolled over my car.

He was Adrien Brody (sorry Brody!) Like I said, dreams are weird.

I forgot about the tragedy and went back into trying to roll down my windows, but every time I rolled down the window, it went back up. I looked toward the back where I had my backpack, and saw a small arm sticking out of it, with its hand on the window latch. Then slowly, the midget begins to appear form the bag.

I let out a blood-curtailing scream, and woke up.

Like I quoted, “dreams are weird and stupid and they scare me.’

Hope you enjoyed yet another glimpse in what appears to be
my f***** up mind!


A quick stop

I visited my future today. It was pleasantly nice. The trees were green, the sun was shining, and the air was warm. Actually hot. Actually (*explicit*) hot.

I always thought my future would frighten me and send me into a self induced inward spiral. You know the one I'm talking about. The type that has you dropping further and further into the blackness where no one but yourself can rescue you.

But that wasn't the case.

I was eerily calm and serene.

It was nice to know my future wasn't going to be all bleak and sorrowful. It was going to be just fine and I can't wait to go back there.


Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Xena?

I don't know if I should be thinking this is amazingly cool or rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

Decisions, decisions...


Tidbits: Version 2.0

  • Vegans are people, too. They, and their food, are not part of a worldwide epidemic, which sole purpose is to search and destroy. Yes, tofu was first created by Satan himself (who else could've made such a bland food?), but it has been resurrected into
    a flavorful commodity.
  • Are you seeking employment? Did you fill out an application? Heck, were you one of the first to apply? Than guess what, that doesn't mean you are first pickings for a job! Employment opportunities are not the same as standing in line at a McDonald's, waiting to be served. Oh, and don't even think about stalking and harassing the manager. Why? Because, you idiot, it doesn't help your chances, only hurts them. You will
    come off as C-R-A-Z-Y!
  • Gene Wilder was hell of a lot better of a Willy Wonka than Johnny Depp was or ever will be. Oompa Loompas work better looking like horrid little made-for-your office desktop trolls, singing their songs of spoiled rotten kids than Oompa Loompas that hail from American Idol (the good batch, that is!) Just because a movie follows the book it was adapted from a little more accurately, doesn't make it any better as a movie!
  • Why tell a business that they should have a recycle bin for the aluminum drinks they sell when you're not going to use them?!
  • Coffee is my friend, but Starbucks' Doubleshot
    is my lover.
  • Why is it that whenever a once attached woman becomes single, the first thing she wants to do is go clubbing? What ever happened to gorging oneself on Haagan Dazs chocolate ice-cream in front of a TV while dressed in your comfy sleepwear?
  • You can make a killer fruit salad with this following recipe:
    Out of the following fruit, select the fruit you like, cut up into bite sized pieces, and put into a bowl: apples, bananas, kiwi, mangos, papayas, grapes; take 1 lime for every cup of fruit you have, cut in half, and squeeze the juice onto the fruit; sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of your choice of sugar onto the fruit for every cup of fruit you have; mix and refrigerate till chilled; Enjoy!

That concludes this version of tidbits. Thank you, and have a great day!


God help my friend Kris... and her ex

I’m so furious today. I wish I wasn’t at work because all I want to do is pick a fight. I don’t care with whom, and that’s not exactly a mentality I like to have working as a customer service representative in the tourism industry.

Yesterday, my good friend Kris’ boyfriend physically abused her. The son-of-a-bitch f-ing punched her in the face twice and tried to strangle her…all because of a fight they got into over her not eating

Kris is a great woman. She is so sweet, is giving, delightfully flaky, and eccentrically artistic. I’m proud of the fact that we have been friends since 1989, when we met in grade school. She deserves a hell lot better than a little prick.

They’ve gone out for years, and she fell for him because he was unlike any guy she dated before being a wonderful gentleman. She discovered over the years that he held more in common with Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde than he had with Prince Charming.

He’s a little man (emotionally and physically) who has always had a temper problem. I’ve known him for six years and during that time period everyone he knew (including me) told him to wake up and realize he has a major problem.

I broke up my friendship with him about two years ago when he threatened my life (and two other friends of mine) over a trivial matter. I did not want to be associated with an f-ed up person like that, and tried talking Kris into finding someone else ever since.

I’m furious that it had to come to this for her to dump his sorry azz. All I want to do is beat the prick up till all that is left is a bloody pulp of meat and bone! Yeah, that may seem harsh, but I’m someone who gets very protective over those I’m close with, especially does that can’t defend themselves.

God help me if I ever run into that prick, and god help him.

If by some small chance you’re reading this Don, FUCK YOU. *

*I apologize to the younger and sensitive viewers blog over that curse word…sometimes they’re the only words that can sum up a situation…


Some Dreams aren't meant to be...

Creativity can be a bitch.

Inspiration sometimes comes from the darnest places, though not unheard of being inspired by a previous work of art...or literature for that matter.

I started re-reading my "Sandman" collection the other week, after failed attempts to introduce my co-worker fell through. C'est la vie...

I can never just pick up one out of the ten volumes of this excellent work of fiction with-out wanting to read another one and another one and etc., etc. (Those who have read "Sandman" could definitely back me up on just how great Neil Gaiman's work was and is!)

Anyhoo, between having Dream on the brain and a whole bunch of new colored charcoal pencils on my table, there was a project just waiting to happen!

I sat at my drafting table with pride filling me. (You see, I had those pencils for quite soem time, like 3 weeks, and I never got to using them! Lazy, lazy Java...) I finally had a reason to draw with them, and draw I did! Okay, technically doodled, but you get the point.

I ended up spending 5 hours that evening entranced by the clors and designs I was putting forth on paper. It came out great! Well, at least to me it did.

Though a probelm arose when I tried to protect my work. Like I said, it was done in charcoal, which meant is was 100%-bonified-smudgable!! So I had to spray it with a made-to-save fixative...and by doing so, it darken up all my beautiful bright colors, as you can see on your left. : (

I wish y'all could have seen it! The blues were electric, the oranges were blazing, and the yellow in his eyes looked like the stars they were supposed to be. Now, they all look, Blah!

Though that was a trial run...with the pencils that is. I'm hoping the next pic looks a shit-load better.

Though in the meantime, if you know about any fixatives that can protect and not darken up one's beautifully bright colors, please share with the class!