Quote of the Week

I'm going to start posting a quote of the week. I want to show off those words that amuse me, like the following:

" ...you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a drug dealer."

Correspondant for WDSU New Olreans very own Richard Angelico's regard on the corner of Forstall and Derbigny in the Ninth Ward, post-Katrina

Stay tuned for next week's "Qoute of the Week."


Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Taking the Wheel

Will this be made for tv or straight to theater?

Will this be inspirational or drama?

Which studio got to him first?

Who will be the lead actor?

What will the catchphrase/line be?

Bets are now be taken...


To do or not to do...

...that is the question.

I returned from my wonderful visit to my lovely friends in Brandon, Mississippi, just about five days ago. Gosh, I really missed you guys! (And do, once agian...Go figure.)

Strangely, the high point of the trip had no direct relation to my freinds, but instead to my introduction to LimeWire. (Think napster, without all the legal mumbo-jumbo.) I got to download 255 songs onto my IBook! 225!!! (I's got dial-up at home, they had wirless. If you put 2 +2 together, and keep in mind that my IBook had wireless capabilities, it will equal one happy camper. DSL ROCKS!!)

On the trip I got to sample some ever so delicious venison burgers, made by the ever so talented Drew. Mmm-mmm good! Good lord!! I almost forgot! Stacey paid me back in full and made the most ever so delicious, mouth watering, delectable, sugary, chocolatly, eye popping oatmeal chocolate with chocolate chip cookies ever! Mad love majorly to you, girl!

Than there was Rob. You can always count on him to spill out something from his mouth that will boggle (and always amuse!) the mind. This time he requested my prescence on a 3 week trip with him to Northeastern United States. The places that stood out was New York, New York; Nantucket,Massachusetts; Salem,Massachusetts; Wasington,DC. Simply many places I've been wanting to check out again, if not for the first time. In other words, he was presenting quite a compelling case.

To top that off, he said I could look at it as a business proposal. He was going to be spending $$$ on a rental car, but if I came, I would be making $$$. He said to look at it as a job search, since that was what he was going to do. (Or so he says.) Due to current events, job searching has become a popular pastime down here. Heck, I've been starting to have a little fun applying!

Now if you caught that, I did say "down here" and "applying", all meaning the present tense. If you understood that, you would also have gotten from it that I'm down south, instead of doing a little traveling, which is what my heart and sould really, really, wishes that I did. But avast! She did not follow her heart, nor her soul, making regret the forfront emotion at hand!!

You see, momma Robichaux raised her little girl up to have a guilty conscience on top of a strong sense of ethics. It's primarily the latter which is making me stick home. That, a nd finacial crap. Main reason Rob got to run off and do soome traveling is all thanks to a little, "help". I have not yet received any requested "help" to, um, help, with the financial strains I have. I gots some bling-bling to spend, but I'm afraid if I spend it, I will not be able to find a job that would help me pay for that crap we all have to pay for.

But mooommm! I wanna go!!

To make matters worse, he has brought up the subject, again, when he talked to me from,um, somewhere in the Carolinas? Anyway, he said "why don't you meet me in DC?" When he pointed out that would be tomorrow, I had to decline. (Just a little too soon to make a move like that!) "Ok, what about New York. I'll be there in a few days." *Hmph* That actually sounds real nice. Really nice.

Nice enough to make me reflect about it.
Nice enough to make me wonder if I should go with it.
Nice enough to make me contemplate the cost involve.
Nice enough to make me feel bad for even thinking about doing it when I know that finances are a little tight plus I already told my soon-to-be-former- job that I'll help out with their much needed help for the restaurant that they own plus the evil eyes I would get from my mom. (Y'all know those eyes. It's something every woman inherits when her first born arrives. Always.)

I simply don't know. I would ask, "what do y'all think", but I already know that many of you will say "DO IT!!"

And heck, why not ask. "Do y'all think I sjould go?"

If so, give me reasons, good ones. Heck, while you're at it, give me sensible reasons to why I should stay. List things I should think of before even considering this. Spiritually and emotionally I know I should do this. Plus it might be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. (It would be nice to be one of the persons who makes a good thing out of what happened.) Finacially, I'm simply unsure.

Maybe I just need to crunch some numbers.

Or maybe I'm feeling this way in fear of my parents reactions.

That's probably it. Damn your evil upbringings! How dare you make me a child who feels guilty to do anything that may be against your wishes! (But very good parenting! ;D )