Amazing Ideas!!!

Only about two weeks ago I was given a classroom assignment that consisted of me buying a numerous amount of magazines. My class and I were to due a little visual reseearch whose specifications would bore you.

Due to my lack of funds, I made sure to buy magazines that I would actual read after its' classroom use. One of these mags was a killer design magazine, Step Inside Design. Awesome mag with amazing articles.

They had two great articles on (well, one was in actuality, an advertisement) that I thought would interest everyone adn that means you.

First, do you run a business? Do you want to start a business? Would you eventually want to market world-wide? Did you always want to get a chinese/korean/mandarin character for you name? Or you just curious? Than you might want get an expert Chinese character for your name/ business.

Secondly, and by far my favorite :

This defintely puts a finishing touch on the technology age that we are in. Plus, how can't you be amazed at someone that is, literally, connecting the world through something as simmple as a laptop?


A Trip down Memory Lane

Today, at work, I was asked the spelling of Thibodeaux,** in which a stroll down memory lane commenced. My mind wandered into the past on those folks that had an impact on my life, both good and bad.

Mr. Thobodeaux: This was my band director in high school. A great guy. One of the few teacher I acutally loved to be around. One day, only a few weeks before graduating, I meandered into his office. He was prepping for that afternoon's rehearsal. He was concentrating on what ever task he held at had, though looked up for aseond and said, "Angie, you have a great smile that always brightens my day." Then he went write back to work. Definitely a remark that sparked the, "hey, maybe I'm not ugly..."

Chelsea: She was a great childhood friend that has the prestige of being the hugest Jesus fan I ever met. (Even greater than Stacey.) I remember chatting to her what was to be the beginning of the end of my faith in the catholic church. I spoke about how freaking bored I always am during mass, feeling like a part of a huge congrgation of zombies. She told me, downright seriously passionate, that everytime the bread becomes body (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check into your neighborhood catholic church/website!) she gets excited. And not in the perverse way, some of you are thinking. You know who you are... It still amazes me on how a 14 year old girl had such a reassurance on her spirituality...

Lewie: This guy was someone I worked with who loooooved women. He loved everything about the fairer sex. Any woman who wouuld present herself in front of him, no matter how flaw-full, he would find something beautiful about them, and charm the shit out of them. He also was the first man to officially call me a "woman". It was weird at the time, believe me. Gawd, how I miss him. He still owes me a manicure...

Alfred: Another guy I worked with. He was extremely passionate about the arts/film/politics. He had an amazing love for cultural arts and it beamed from him. This guy got me into noticing some of the little differances that each one of us humans bring to the world.

Lynn: She was my best friend in highhscool. She treated me like shit. It took me about 5 years to notice this. Realizing how horrible she treated me was one of the few good memories I had during my first year of college. She made me realize that there is something that can't me missing from any friendship--or any relationship--: respect.

Mr. Blocker***: He was my highscool's theater director. He was (and still is) great at what he did (does). He even has won a few Big Easy Awards, New Orleans' very own entertainment awards. He was the guy he introduced me to theatre and, in the end, introduce to me that I can sing. Good. Mr. Brand had an extreme passion for musical theatre that was extremely contagious.

Alfred also once told me that there will always be peole through out your life that only have one purpose in their breif stint in your life. Of course, it will always vary what that "purpose" is. Those were the people in my life that had a breif stint, than left. Some I miss, others, well, I don't want to end my post on a sour note.... :D

**Names have been changed to protect their privacy.
*** Mr. Blocker is the exception. I always been proud of the act that my highschool had a professsional director as our director, and not a parent. Talk about luck....


11PM Quiz Habit

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Wocky Jabber

"Umpteen bureaux gossips. One mostly schizophrenic Jabberwocky auctioned off Mercury, because dogs telephoned umpteen irascible televisions, yet progressive elephants grew up partly cleverly. Pluto quickly untangles one almost obese botulism. Two speedy pawnbrokers sacrificed silly poisons, then five progressive botulisms laughed cleverly, yet irascible orifices tastes five silly Jabberwockies, because one speedy orifice laughed. The slightly bourgeois botulism very lamely auctioned off two televisions. Quixotic tickets mostly noisily marries one progressive orifice. The cats laughed, even though one Klingon towed pawnbrokers. Umpteen speedy orifices lamely bought two dogs.

Five irascible wart hogs abused Phil. Umpteen orifices kisses one silly pawnbroker. Umpteen schizophrenic bureaux auctioned off Paul, because two progressive Macintoshes noisily telephoned one pawnbroker, but five dwarves extremely quickly."

And for you Star Trek lovas'.....

"Vagh QaQ jonwI’S ah pe’vIl Suq tera’
Joq vatlh lotlhs HIv loS tlhaQ vetlhs.
Vagh qej bIQ’a’S ba’ jaS
Ach loS noSvaghs Suv wa’ ’ejyo’.
Vatlh neHmaHS qIQ.
LoS jej ’ejyo’S nep vatlh muDS
Joq loS yIHS chu’ QI’tomer.
Vagh rojmabs jaH.

Vatlh let meHS legh wa’ yuD ’u’.
LoS ah Dung Hoqra’S po’ tIj Qo’noS
’ach tera’ Suv vagh HoDS.

Wa’ Qut puch qoy’ ah jaS.
LoS nIQmeHS lon wa’ yIH.
Vatlh neHmaHS bol
Joq wa’ tlhIngan nom toj loS wo’S
’ach vagh loSDIch meHS Qagh
Ach vatlh vaghDich nIQmeHS jaH
’ach wa’ Qav nob qIp vatlh Dung rojmabs
Joq wa’ Hurgh qoy’."

My all time favorite line...
"Five schizophenic elephants abused about two Klingons."

Have a nice Day!


I'm still here

I know, it's been awhile. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how ya' look at it) I've been quite busy with the activities of work and school. Did y'all know that as you get closer to graduating,the more your teachers will give you un-imaginable amounts of work to do? I didn't know, so that's why I tell you.

Gawd, I can't wait to graduate.

Speaking of school, I came face to face with the strangest possibilty: my magazine cover design that I'm working on might make it to print.

You see, one of my classes is Computer IV, a sort of add-on education to my previous lessons of QUARK in Computer III. (Quark's an amazing editing program, just in case ya didn't know.) The currrent assignmenet we are working on consist of me and my classmates making four roughs (another term for an elaborate sketch of your idea) of the cover for our school's "literature and visual arts" magazine. These will than be viewed by the english and art department where the educators will pick out what they feel is suitable for the current year's theme.

My teacher told me repeatedly that she liked mine. (She even did it once all bugged eye, like she was amazed at what I did...beleive me, it wasn't that amazing. Just plain amazing. :D )

It's just strange thinking that I could have designed something that will go into print. Totally cool, too!