Television Temptations to Take

This actually took me a looong–started this yesterday afternoon– time to do since I'm more of a movie person (and cartoon person). Alas! Melinda made me do it. Though I guess I should also blame this guy because if he didn't post his, Melinda wouldn't have posted hers. Vicious circle, ain't it? Now, I had to work my memory into overtime for this, I figured I'll let you do the same in knowing what I'm referencing.

1. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Ooh, the Tardis would be cool, too.

2. Either Apollo, Starbuck, or Adama's fracking dog-tags.

3. Will's school jacket.

4. Mal, but I would also settle for his gun.

5. Red. (I'll give you a meager clue on this one: rock)

6. Rowdy.

7. Fox and Scully's id badges.

8. Kermit

9. The dead parrot.

10. The Crypt Keeper's Book

Thank god, it's done!! I need to do a movie one, which would so much easier for me.


Oh God, NO!!

I swear, I positively love the stuff Melinda finds on the web. Thanks for your spare time, Melinda!

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I Should Just Make this a Video Blog...

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