All better now: Part II

All better now...ain't that a load of crap.

I spent most of yesterday in the hospital, pretty much in an unconscious state of mind. All thanks to the wonderfull ailment "epilepsy". Had it since I was thirteen years old and it doen't look like it's going to be going anyway any freaking time soon.

What really sucks is that yesterday was suppose to be a joyous day. I had that 11AM meeting with a supervisor who offered me a position in a new department with a slight pay-raise. Instead, I luckily make it home just in time to lose track of time and overhear my mom speak to a friend how I had a seizure (which is one's body goes into convulsions), soon to be followed by numbers two and three. Right now, I'm tired, depressed and have a nasty bruise under my chin. And my tongue hurts--you see, during one's convulsions you accidently gnaw at your tongue.

I just got back my car only two weeks ago from being on a 6-month grace period from my last seizure, and now I have to go at agian. If I want to drive that is. I love driving. I always appreciated the freedom it brought me. Brought.

This was suppose to be a happy blog written yesterday about my new acquired job. Instead, I'm bringing my depressed thoughts and feeling to share with the world. I've never asked why me, when it came to this retrid illness, just why. Of all illnesses one could get, I get one that gives absolutely no warning. I Hate It.


All better now: Part I

Earlier today one of my supervisors gave me a call up to arrange a meeting at his office tomorrow. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. It's good. Actually, there is a high possibility of it being really good. He already stated that it has to do with the company I work for offering me a position in a new department that they just formed. He mentioned the word "promotion". **SQUEAL!!!**

That means two things.

  1. Hyperventilating (did I even spell that right?) shall be commencing through-out the evening.
  2. The psychic at the company Christmas party was right.
p>And number two has me floored!!

I had no idea that when a perfect stranger, who literally had been put here on this wonderful green earth to amuse me would turn out to be more than entertaining, but correct. You see, back at the party in December, she made the prediction that I would be offered a job out of the blue sometime in the following year. She than preceded to follow her comment with "I'm not going to tell you what to do, because that is a choice you must make; to take this job or decline it". And here it is, the following year and I have been offered a job out of the blue. (Which is the honest to gawd truth! I didn't see this coming a mile away!)

So now I wait till the meeting to see what my future might have in store for me. and I can't wait to tell ya'll all about it !

Though now I can't help but wonder where my true love is, since that psychic lady did say I was also gonna get married this year...


Greetings from the Hagging Witch of the South

After you hit that magical age of 21 (which is a magical number in thes United States--or so we are foolish enough to believe that it is--all because we a person becomes "legal"), everybody has that moment in your life when you realize that you are now an adult. Heck, someyimes it will come sooner than that. A can name a few, for example the first time somebody refered to me as a "woman". Who would've known that would have meant so much to a budding young lady--or should I say woman?

Anyway, today definitely hits the list of "you know you're an adult when...". I missed the Spanky's housewarming gala. Sickness=1, FooFoo=0. But if I went, I would of been such a horrible guest just by being there. Imagine it, all their freinds and family enjoying the wonderful food and libations to the musical sound of someone coughing their lungs out! And my chest feels like elephants took turns throughout the night kicking me there (which all I knew is what happened; I mean, I was asleep most of the night thanks to the makers of nitequil).

I soooo wanted to be there. I was in tears this morning calling CK and Biscuit up to let them know they had to find another way to trek that 3 hour journey to The Spanky's. I know CK found a ride through Ringo (thanks a bunch for that; such a sweetie to pick him up which put an extra hour to your jorney; come on everybody, join in "HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY!") I don't know how Biscuit made out, but hopefully she was able to get there too. You know guys, I have about a pound of crab dip in my refridgerator that's probably going to go bad that I made for everyone. Any ideas to what I can do with it?

You see, I wanted badly to go, but instead I chose to do the "right" thing and stick home. Ya'll should of heard my thoughts this morning. "I feel like crap and I realy should stay home but than agian all I'll be doing is eating and drinking inside most of the day and probably HACKIN UP A LUNG from being overexited which is going to make things worst and I'll miss more work and than school when it would be a lot better to stay home and drown myself in over the counter medicines adn REFRAIN FROM TALKING because you were stupid enough to go to work yeaterday where you almost lost your voice..." and so and so on.

I choose health over fun, and even though I do feel .8 better form earlier this morning, I still wish I went.

I hope everyone has fun today adn I better get. Feed a cold is how the saying goes, and I haven't eaten a thing all day. And anyway, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is on SCI-FI, and we all know you shouldn't keep Indy waiting.

Everyone take care and I hope none of ya'll get attacked by teh evil germa that float around our world with plas to take us down!


*cough, cough*

Hello one and all!

I honestly don't have anything in particular to write about today, but I figured I owe it to myself to stick to a good habit and try to keep up my blog! Actually, I really should be in bed right now getting some serious R&R, but isn't that the way we always act. We should get the rest we need, but we seem to fight our bodie's physical screams for help and do what we want anyway. I am sick. There is this constant prescence of evil germs that just will not leave my body. School today was such an errand because of my state. But when I think about it, I actually think I paid better attention because it was so darn hard to pay attention in my classes! Huh! Go figure!

I'm more nervous over how I'm going to be this weekend. I took off specifically for Mr and Mrs Spanky's housewarming party. They live 3 hours away so I needed the extra time to work just to get there and to get back home! I really hop I can make it. I swear, if it comes to it, soemone else can drive my car to get me there! (and it's not like that is not possible; I'm already bringing CK and biscuit. CK? Feel like driving, eh?) But I'll live one day at a time. Mainly because my mind is already at a snail's pace so let me just go with the flow. I am sick. Is it just me, or does the body always seem to revolt at the worst of times?


Blah Blah Blah... & Lundi Gras

Editor's note: The following entry was written and saved ("Hallelujah!!") hours before being posted. "Why are you telling us" you ask? Believe me, it'll make some of the following a little more sensible.

I had to come to school quite early this morning--four hours before my first class, oy vey!--and it felt simply like a waste time. I really was looking forward to wasting my time wisely on the internet, particularly because I have sites to catch up with and some research to so. Go figure that my luck for the day brings the ill-fortune of the internet being down at Delgado for some strange reason. ( And no, the thought has not escaped my mind that my ill fortune is probably being shared by a couple of other folks out there who were also looking forward to wasting time on the internet too!) That also makes it understandable why the computer lab is so darn empty today. So instead of searching the internet, I decided to search my mind and kinda get to writing my next blog…Oh god I wish the internet were up!

I have to tell ya’ll about Lundi Gras! It was a blast! I saw faces I haven’t seen in awhile and got to do things I never done before! (You would think someone who was born and raised in Mardi Gras central would’ve spent at least one Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, but nooo!) Let’s see, we had CK (whose birthday was the reason we were all gathered; some people simply just have the power to pull hermits out of their dark caves!), Fratnip, Lyric, Biscuit, Ringo, Redwolf, Dynoman and me. We congregated at the Dry Dock, a great little bar/restaurant right by the Algiers’s ferry that is simply just a cool place to hang, enjoy a few suds and a great burger every once in awhile. King Cake was to be shared along with Jell-O-shots, french-fries, and stories about how great CK is…in the amusing type of way. Than the real fun begun; Dynoman separated us into two groups (the winners and the losers) and we begun a scavenger hunt along the Infamous Bourbon Street. I was part of the group that consisted of CK, Fratnip and Lyric (or better known as the winning group mainly because CK was part of it; Dynoman made sure that what-ever party CK was part of, it would be the winning group and major props to him for that*). Lyric greatly shined in being able to persuade the female masses into defiling a tee-shirt with many Birthday wishes to CK. Fratnip had the digital camera—which was a needed prop—and did a mighty fine job in his part as photographer. I would love to share with you what he needed to get pics of, but, this is an open site, and some things are meant to be kept secret! CK’s main goal was to have a good time, in which he did, or at least I thought so…

The evening was great in which we ran into other friends, Renffeh and Crack Monkey, got drunk off of really, really cheap beer, that was actually expensive—go figure—and Lyric, Fratnip and I even danced to a brass band on a side street. Downside of the evening: heaving to clean my shoes the next day. My GAWD that street gets so freakin’ dirty. Sludge and liquor and beer and broken beads and broken cups and I don’t even want to know what else…it was NASTY!! EWWW!!! I don’t think all the rain we got days before really helped out that much with the scene!

*Dynoman definitely deserves a Night Out celebration in his honor for putting together a heckuva night Monday. YOU THE MAN!!!


Happy Mardi Gras 2005

I have had the privilege to grow up in the New Orleans metro area that mainly has given me Mardi Gras. I still remember the time when I found out Mardi Gras wasn’t a national holiday—absolutely shocked me! (It had about the same effect just as when I found out that South-western Louisiana was special in which we did not believe in the words "dry county". Imagine this: a twelve year old goes on a family vacation in Tennessee in which we make a pit stop at the local grocer for some food. It was an unfamiliar store, but still, every store had the same layout, including bread usually being found just around the liquor/wine/beer section…but wait…there is no liquor/wine/beer section here. What in the world?…Hmph…a twelve year old using the liquor section as a guide…) Luckily for me, I am still here in Mardi Gras Headquarters after all these years.

Though I am not one for the hustle and bustle of the season, being worn out of it in my teenage years, I still appreciate what we got. It’s hard not to…unless you are one of the Christian supporters that come into our town each year to spread the message that if you are there enjoying the festivies you are going to go to hell. (I never cared for those folk…there message, to be honest, just doesn’t seem very Christian like. "Ye without sin cast the first stone…" and all of that. Plus, Mardi Gras has very, very strong Christian roots. Party hard and than pray like there’s no tommorrow.) It’s ashame the never stopped to look around and see the good that Mardi Gras brings.

First, as for as I ever have noticed, there is no city quite like New Orleans that know how to party right. Mardi Gras is over a hundred years old and still going strong. Our city’s biggest distinction from ever one else’s sad attempt to recreate what we got going is NOT about booze and tits. (Sorry to disappoint…it’s mainly a effect out of the cause, if ya’ get my meaning.) It’s the trinkets. The beads* and dolls* and coconuts* (kudos to Zulu for creating that cool tradition) and those plastic cups* and those really cheesy, but fun as heck noisemakers* that parade riders pay for out of their own pockets (*all collectively called throws; there’s your education for the day!!). Not the city, but the riders. And believe me, it is not cheap. My aunt, uncle and cousin ride in parades every so often, and from what they told, supplies averaged about $500 a person. And get this, most of the throws my family had were collected from past parades; in other words, it would have been more costly than that!!!

Second, look at the floats. They are a work of art that are mainly done with the artistic talent of the employees of Blaine Kern'sYou haven’t seen Mardi Gras until you seen these floats in action. The colors are so bold and bright that it can give you the sensation of being in some sort of wonderland. Especially at night with the only illumination being the floats themselves which are intertwined with lights everywhere on them.

Third, are the Flambeaux guys. They are mainly men who carry these large, metal framed gas powered flames that illuminate the parade route the old fashion way. Only a few parades are marched by them, though it use to be the norm ages ago. It’s so surreal to see how the flames illuminations makes everyone and everything around it around it have a ghastly glow. And really cool!

In the end, everybody has got to experience Mardi Gras at least once in your lives. I can’t tell you that it’s amazing, and that you are simply never gonna forget it and always will want to come back cause, well, you may not. It isn’t for everyone. But it definitely is not an experience you’ll forget. Ever.

There’s so much more I could tell you about it though you really need to see why it’s such a big deal. I left out the King Cake which is so addictively sweet and best served with a side order of Popeye’s Chicken. ( Now that is a Mardi Gras tradition for me! Yum!) I forgot to mention the costumes that came be loud and outraegous, politically hilarious, traditionally beautiful or simply not there ( as in ala skin, if ya get my meaning!).

And for the folks that can’t do without that little eyeful and a little of the extreme, there always is Bourbon Street, which, 24 hours a day, will have what you’re looking for!

Simply put,

**Stayed tune for the semi-exciting tale of Java FooFoo's Lundi Gras! **


Robbie Gras 2005

Editor's Note: Robbie Gras is still years away from being the National Holiday that it is meant to be. Because of this, you, the reader, may not know what Robbie Gras is about. To find a more information on Robbie Gras, please visit CK's Blog and remit any questions or concerns to him. Thankyou.

Robbie Gras was quite an educational day for me. A day of revelations. Nothing big, of course, mainly because I have come to the conclusion that my life is not meant to be about big revelations, but that is not exactly an interesting subject, so let's just move on.

The day begun great, since I knew I was going to be working with CK and would immediately be able to have the honor of being one of the first people to make fun of...I mean congratulate him on his big day. It's not everyday you turn a year older*, but more importantly, it's not everyday CK turns a year older!

*Out of fear of having my azz handed to me by CK, I will respectfully keep the age of him to myself.

After that the learning process begun, and I would love to share them with you in the bullet format!

  1. Never go to work in a wonderfully, blissfully, calmly mood. You are simply asking for trouble.
  2. Some people just do not have the capacity to learn, just the capacity to watch you correct their mistakes and giggle amusingly about it.
  3. Java foofoo is a good girl!
  4. If you are ever with CK, do not, I repeat, do not leave him alone for 5 minutes; If so, you will return to see a fight in progress.
  5. CK is loved by the ladies.
  6. Java foofoo drinking tolerance is extremely low.
  7. Sometimes, a person reaction to misheard news can be the funniest s%#t!

All in all, it was a good day. But than agian, it's always a good day when you end it with a great friend, kicking back a few drinks, and returning from the bathroom just in time to watch your friend's azz just about to be handed to them!!


I'm just OLD


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"Raindrops keep falling on my head..."

****Editor's Note: The following post was suppose to posted yeasterday on the first. Apparently I wasn't paying any attention to the buttons I needed to press because I pressed 'save' instead of 'post'...go figure...we'll just add it to the evry growing list of my foo foo moments.

It's getting to be that time of day for me when everything just becomes so topsy turvy. As my co-worker might be sayin', "GOOD LORD! It's Bunny Foo Foo!" And he would be quite right.
It feels like I have been up since the crack of dawn (I've only been up since 7AM, not really the crack of dawn!), though technically, this morning has not been any different from any other--even if you include the apocolyptic rains that have pouring down from the sky since I've been conscious. (Well, today at least.) I am located in the ever so De-love-ly city of New Orleans, so it's not exactly that unusual for the skies to rip open above us. It's just that, unfortunately for the city, having a history of once being a swamp only a couple of centuries ago, our city perfers to keep the water above it's lovely land instead of sucking it toward the center. Puddles and puddles galore out here. Or more precisely, a pond over there, a lake over there, "oh!, look!, the Grand Ole Mississippi is no longer the only grand river in New Orleans any more!!"

It's cold , it's more than just wet, I'm tired, and my classes haven't even started yet. Maybe I shouldn't have scheduled afternoon classes? Oh well; consider this yet another one of life's little lessons.

LESSON 24.2.1: Scheduling afternoon classes is not wise when you know that your mental crash time takes place in the afternoon.