School and stuff

So it turns out that there is a strong posibility that I shall be able to get a really good art education with-out leaving my own home! (*sarcastic remark approaching* I'm sure that makes my parents happy!)

The Academy of Art Institute in San Fran has this wonderfully comprehensive selection of art classes that can be taken online. That means part of the major price problem has been taken care of; no housing worries! Yea! I can't even afford my own place here in NOLA; how the heck am I gonna afford a West coast place!

On another note, is anybody free this Friday night to escort me to an awards ceremony? It's gonna be pretty darn boring and I have no idea how long it's gonna be, but you would have the privelage to be seen with me! So, any takers?


A Daughter's Duty

So I was really looking forward to going out tonight. I had a wicked day, and not in the good sense, and I really wanted to forget it the best way possible. By going to the beach!

It was gonna be great! I got off of work at 5PM which means by the time I got to the beach of choice (somewhere along the Mississippi Gulf coast) it would've all dark and starry and all lovely. There was gonna be good company involved and burgers involved and french fries (mmm, I LOVE french fries) and hopefully ice-cream involved--ice-cream has been very meaningful to my life a lot at this moment! But along came the mother.

I got home to see her just about to walk the dog and I passed on the message that I wasn't gonna be around much longer adn she gave me the LOOK. You know the look. Apparently it's something you acquire after a child is born in which you will be able to communicate millions of thoughts and words to that child with-out saying one word. Awesome power involved.

Anyway, I got he look followed by sad eyes followed by "didn't you already go out this week?' followed by"but your dad's cooking stuffed salmon". CRAP! There goes my plans. It's either give the mom her one night or say screw it and run off to the beach.

I'll let you take an educated guess to which I chose and I'll leave you to ponder on the times you have personally chose your parents over what you wanted to really do.


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Just a thought....

....I'm gonna graduate next year. At the end of December-ish. From college. Community college thta I's been going to since 2001. That just seems so...freaky.

Though it's not like I don't have anything to be freaked or scared about. I'l be 26 when that comes to be ,so it's not like I'll be a clueless graduate. Heck, I've practically have a career now since who I'm working for I have been with since 1999 and I've practically settle into a career...but I'm not doing what I love!

In the meantime, if anyone out there happens to know how I can finance about 3-4 extra years of schooling at a college that will average about $15,000 a year, please, let me know!

This little ol' soon to be a college graduate actually would love to continue her educationa t an art institute (I'm stuudying graphic design!), but unfortuately, the schools I look at cost as much as I make...annually. Ain't that a kicker!

OR here's an idea; any donations can be sent to, 1113 King He....nah, I can't do that...can I?


New Blog!!

It's done! It's finished! Finis'! Completed! Sound the trumpets, ring the bells!

Mediaddiction* is open for business!
*powered by blogger

I know I've been away for llike, forever, but there has been a reason behind the madness I'm going through. Actually two. And none of it bad!!! I've been getting situated with a new job for five days a week and my two days at work have me at school, which I so can't wait to be over. Foofoo needs rest...badly!

Though in the meantime, if you experiance any king of addiction to books, magazines, movies, televison or art (, mediumma) please, drop by mediaddiction *.
*link soon to be pasted here...as soon as this blog allows me..grrrr....YEAH! As of, um, hours after this original post I was able to create a link out of it so it doesn't matter that the previous star says soon to be posted here!!