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Classwork can be fun. Who knew?


Bound to Ruin A Good Thing

This past weekene I playe double-duty at work; I was hostess and ticket seller/info for the tours that are offered. Sunday became the onse a year occasion when a guest proceeds to chew me out over things I could not change. This is how it went down:

Man come up to my cashier desk (which is in the restaurant), ask about buying tickets for our tour.

"I apologie sir, but our next tour will not be till tomorrow at 2 o'clock."

"Excuse me? I called up and was told there was going to be a cruise at 2:30?!"

Immediately i knew that he did call and was, once agian, given the wrong info by some fool. *sigh* Here it goes...

"I apologize sir, but it seems as though they passed on the wrong infomation to you. The line you called aoffers two tours and it sounds as though they didn't know you were calling about our tour."

Than the fun begun. He started to yell at me about how fed up he was with all this crap and how he couldn't beleive that he was given the wrong tour. He's been trying to do our tour adn has been given the run around and is tried about blah, blah, blah. I understood, but he didn't have to yell at me like it was my fault. So, I told him the last bit of info that usually calms people down a bit these days...usually.

"Sir, again I apologize. Due to the storm last year, things have been all topsy turvey."

"WHAT storm?!?" he, agian, yells at me. That make me skip a beat. I honestly didn't know how to answer this asshole on the rise.

So I gitted my teeth, pursed my lips together and put on the fake smile. "Katrina sir..."

"I can't beleive this shit!!" And he finally storms away from my desk adn moves into another room to hopefully grot and foam up at someone else. Lord, the things that come with this job.

I could here him in the other room, and also heard that he wasn't alone. I don't knkow what was going on in there, and homestly I didn't give a damn. I just wanted him to leave! Yet agian, *sigh*.

A lady walks in, who I found out was his daughter, who told me the asshole was her dad visiting from out of state, adn that she lived in Houma, which is a city just about an hour's drive outside the city. I would like to tell you that info releived me (for how can't she understand what's going on down here?) but she was pissed off too. Thankfully, not as bad as dear old pops.

"He yold me that y'all don't have a toru today?"

"Yes m'am. Like i told the gentleman (HA!!), our tours are on a shortened schedule with the next one being tomorrow at 2."

"He called. We called adn they told us 2:30. This is "1234 Mockingbird Lane", isn't it?"

God almighty, "yes m'am, but as I..."

"I got this brochure for your front office. It says in plain sight, tours at 10, 12, 2 and 4. This means y'all are advertising false information."

That, I couldn't disafragree with anymore. I complained about that, but nooo let's keep the wrong info out, what's the worst that could happen?

" I agree with you on that, m'am. I don't know why the insit on placing that out there."

Now, for our grand finale! The return of the ASSHOLE!!

He saunders in, with a face that is meaner than a raging bull, with foam coming out of his mouth and screams (again, I remind you, we're in a restaurant where people are eating) (and getting entertainment).

"I cab't beleive this crap! You listen here, I came out of town to do this and I'm getting sick and tired about getiing these damned Katrina excuses. It was over in a minute!!! nd your still using it as a lame ass excuse!!

Oh...my...god. This guy needs to go down. Of course, those of you who know me know I'm a master at keeping it cool under these type of situations. My mind was no problem, but Ib started to shake with anger. How the fuck dare this uy come to our city and act like all that happened was a little rain storm took place here? He's one of god knows how many that is a comlete idiaot in not understanding (or caring) that a number of businesses adn industries gone down becasue of Karina. Many places are under staffed, or have even gone bankrupted. I wor inthe tourism industry in which at least 1/3 of the tour companies that made there bread and water from tourist have gone of of business. The company I work for has cut down our pre-Kat tours in half, times and offerings. On top of that, the boat tour that is associated in my company has to leave the city and state just to help us bring in some major $$$ to help keep the comapany afloat. So FUCK you!!

Of course, I couldn't get this in. One, I was trembling like a bomb ready to explode, adn two, it's not like I wouldn've gotten a word in anyway.

"Dad, just leave from here, there's nothing you can do."

Thank god.

I honestly can't remember what she said after that incident, but all I knew was that I had to get rid of them. Enough of this bullshit.

"M'am, like I said, I can't do anything, I'm the middle person here. Here's the number of my manager. She'll be in Monday through Friday and she'll be able to help y'all." Now get the fuck out of here...thankfully, she begrudgingly did.


That almost ruined my day, but I struggled to not let it get to me. Exploding tourist is a once a year occasion, so I got rid of this year's annual run.

But it brought me to wonder, what the hell is up with people who want to ruina wonderful vacation over a simple little tour? For heaven's sake, WHY??!!

And I swear, if I ever see that amn agian.....


One in the Freaking Morning

I can't sleep. It's almost 1am, central time, and I just can't get my mind to shut the hell up.

Though that probably has to do with a Monster (highly caffienate energy drink) about, hmm, 8 hours ago now. I was trying to give myself a boost to continue my 6 hour run on this Mac, working on my school projects. So many, adn so little time...

So i sit here, rocking back and forth, back adn forth, wanting seperately to get some sleep since I have to wake up at 7:45 am to begin at least a 10 hour stretch at school. Weee!! i honestly can't wait, but than agian, I know I'm gonna get supremely exhausted. I'm just not use to pulling off college hours. *sigh*

Anyway, I laid my head on my pillow about twenty minutes ago after reading a few chapters of The Hanmaiden's Tale, by Margaret Atwood. So far, I love this book. It's sorta like 1984, but it's main charecter is a woman. Ecxellent read, if you like those books that consist of letting you know about the possible future. I love 1984 so it's no surprise that I dig this book.

I've always dug those books that attempts to show you how the future can be if things aren't done (or done) in a certain way. For example, 1984 is about the UK in, um, 1984 (the book was writen in the 1950's, which actually makes the book a little creepy) and the country is a communistic state. Ever heard the phrase "big brother is watching"? It comes from this book. It's a book that is a warning on how the powers that be (e.g. the government) can turn on you and use protection as a controlling issue. Sounds familiar, fellow Americans? Of course, it's a lot more than that, but being 1am in morning, adn strung out on caffiene, that's the synopsis ya gonna get from me.

I can reneber the time in my life when my innocence was sorta broken and my eyes were opened to how fucked(can I say that?) up this world we live in is. The earliest issue was my veiwing of Schindler's List. I've heard of the holocaust and how terrible it was, but that movie made it come to life for me. It was the first movie that had me sobbing like a baby; I was twelve.

I can't remember how long after that in which I was presented with a senseless world. It was with the Oklahoma City bombing. For you non-Americans out there, around the mid nineties (or maybe earlier), the wrold trade center was bombed in Oklahoma City. Of course, aquications begun about who did it, why, and so on. What got to me was a few days after the incident, there was a photo in the paper of a couple crying their eyes out, who were from somewhere's around the Middle East. The caption underneath the photo was informing the reader that the woman had a miscarriage due to tremendous stress of being harrassed, adn practically attacked, by people who beleived Middle Easterns were to blame. Not exactly them, but their people.

What made this even worse is that it was a white-azz, stupid mofo that bombed the building. Asshole. Killed hundreds because of something to die with hating the government.

I guess my last memory of being completely confounded by the world we live in was when I was 18 years old and in my geography class, I had a sort of debate about the wars in Northern Ireland. i just couldn't wrap around my brain why people would be fight and killing so long over territory. (This is before my knowledge of the world open up, now. ) (So don't ask me about the hundreds of similiar countries that have gone through this through-out human history...ok?)

I guess you can called it irony, though I'm probably wrong, that I can understand it just a little these days. Not the killing, mind you, but the "this is my land and I'm not gonna leave without a fight" attitude...but not actions. Why, you ask? I live in New Orleans, people, so I'll let y'all put two and two together on that one.

In the meantime, I'm gonna attempt to get that sleep thing going on. Sleep me need...or so I here...