Break time

I've been doing some major hours working on my numerous design projects along with trying to remember that I have an 8 page literature-research paper to write (groan). I needed a break. So here I am..Taking a moment to declare what I will never stop declaring until the day strikes.

because to day makes it exactly one month away till my graduation!! Woo-Hoo!

(pic courtesy of iStockphotos)

Did I mention how nervous I am about graduating? See y'all later!


Chew On This

Inspired by gawd knows what, I called Satcey up this morning to babble about absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Haven't had a "conversation" like that yeaaaaaaaaars. And like all good converstaion about absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, it transformed from subject to subject eventually arriving at the ever so death penalty issue.

An ephinay was had.

I'm against the death penalty AKA capital punishment. My two main reasons: no one on earth should have the right to kil someone. You didn't choose to enter this world, and you shouldn't get a say on when to exit AND what kind of punishment is killing someone?! Now don't give me crap about sitting in a jail cell knowing that one day you're gonna be killed because that's absolutely BULLSHIT! Heck, I practically live my life that way...well, minus the whole jail cell thang.

I've actually kinda dig the whole "eye for an eye" thing that's been taken quite literally in some of the countries on this planet. What better way to punish a theif than cutting off his/her hands?Yes, morbid are these thoughts, but stay with me here. If it could work for a theif, why not a murderer? How can you shoot a gun with no hands? How can you stab someone with no hands? How can you successfully tie your shoes with no hands? (though I'm sure someone can answer that one for me...) Just think abou it.

Though, like all my thoughts, this one came full circle. As I heard Satcey rolling her eyes across the phone-waves, I continued on about how these criminals wold also be visually reognizable due to their appendage lackage. The circle officially closed with me realizing that those folks who do not have hands due to some other form of fate would probably get ill-treated. We don't want that.

Well, at least I momentarily thought it was a good idea.

In the mean time, Spidey's back!!


I did it!!

I updated Idiosyncratic Speckles. Woo-Hoo!! I said I would show my new pics of Ace, so there they are. Check 'im out...