Finally...the Day Has Come

This past December I spoke of a stressful decision I was having about excepting the first design job I was offered...before I even graduated. I decided not to take it. My gut told me not to. So, I have spent to past eight weeks in agony, stressing out that my choice was a bad one and thinking that I through away a wonderful opportunity. On top of that, this decision had me continuing to work underneath Satan herself. Passive aggressive incompetent bitch...

NO MORE!! Hehehe

I wish I could say I ripped off her dumass head, but instead, better yet, I got a job! Working for a printing company! For more money! With better hours! Hell, with more hours! And holidays! I'll actually be off of work on a holiday!! Woo-Hoo!!!

I had plans to have playing on the radio "Take this Job and Shove It" while I told her to take this job and shove it, but I decided to be civil. Yay, not as exciting, but come to think of it, maybe I should have done something like this guy. What ya think?


I wish, I wish...

There's a number of things I really want to see before I die. The Grand Conyon, which I hear is gorgeous; An Egyptian pyramid, an ancient wonder that will probbaly never be seen by eyes due to the violent conflicts in those areas; and simply, snow. Neva' seen it. Want to. These things are just a few.

One thing that definitely was not on my list was a tornado. If I saw one, it meant it was too damn close and that no good!

It was a dark and stormy night, with rain pouring down and hail falling, all doing a pretty good job in keeping me awake. On top of that, lighten was crashing and thunder was rolling. Didn't the sky know I wanted to sleep?

I did what any restless sleeper would do in such a storm. I got up and stared out of the house's front window, not minding how dangerous it could be by doing that. And that's when it happened.

At 3am this morning I saw tornado. Northeast of my house, an estimated 3/4 mile away. Talk about panic attack.

I immediately went wake up maw and paw, since I had no idea where it was going. Luckily, by the time my dad looked out the window to see where it was, it was gone. He suggested it could of been a wind funnel, which it could of. I hoped it was. i couldn't confirm it 'cause I never saw one before.

I had to wait till morning to get a confirmation and I really hoped I didn't see one. If a tornado was spoted, that means damage was done.

Unfortunately, it was a tornado. And it's trail of damage begun excatly where I saw it, which was in my neighboring city of Westwego.

I really wish I didn't see it. I feel for those that have been effected by it. And at the same time I'm thankful that all I did was saw it and not experience.

What a way for everyone to begin this beautiful sunny day. At least the weatehr left something by to enjoy.

Edit 12:15pm I didn't even think on this till I saw it on the news. For those out of the New Orleans metro, or for those that forgot about it, this tornado went through katrina ravaged homes. A lady was killed b/c her home was in a FEMA trailer. Such a delicate home in winds like that. On top of that, the tornado also ravaged homes that were in the process of being fixed up or even completed. Just imagine. You put your money, heart, and sweat into fixing up your damaged home just for all those efforts to be put to waste. Just think about it...