It's the Little things that matter

Something has been missing. My life has felt empty for a while. Am I not satisfied at work? Well no, I’m not…but it’s bearable and I can deal with that. Do I need a guy in my life? Ummm….no. Got friends that I care for and love, and I really don’t feel like I’m currently up for the responsibilities of a relationship…for now. Is my travel lust bothering the s*** out of me? At the moment, no. I guess my recent trip to New York has quenched it for a while. Do I need to see Batman Begins…again? Yes, but patience is a virtue and blah, blah, blah.

So what is it??!!

Wait!! I know what it is! I can’t believe I didn’t know. It’s practically been staring me in the face and if it was a snake it would of bit me!

I…need…. COFFEE!

Here I am, Javafoofoo, and I am not even living up to my name. What kind of blogger am I not to do such a thing?! I can’t even remember the last cup I had of that wonderful, dark elixir of energy! Ah, how I love thee, let me count the ways…

I do declare that I, Javafoofoo, will rectify this dilemma, and get all caffinated. Laissez le bon temps roulez!*

*Editor’s note: That statement is a New Orleans saying that means “Let the good times roll”. All inquiries on pronunciation can be posted on site…and you better not be a NOLA native.


Lazy, lazy, lazy. lazy!

Though I'm not! really! I just haven't had the time yet to organize my thoughts--and my pictures--from my New York trip. So get off my case!! *twitch, twitch*

I'll get to it...you'll see..it'll be here...Soon, so soon...

Editor's Note: We apologize to those who have no idea what this "mental spasm" is about. If explanation is needed, please re-read the information listed below the "JavaFooFoo" title. All great minds--big and small--need to crack every so often. Thank-you for your understanding.


The Stuff Dreams are Made of

Do you dream in color? I do. It’s not the usual bright and vivid or realistic type colors that we see in through our eyes during everyday life. It’s more dark and muted giving off the impression of a perpetual night. Though it’s not. It just seems that way. Is that normal? Is there a normal? Do you dream this way? Do you dream in an Alice-in-wonderland type of world? Or does your imagination stick to the classic black and white? What colors does your id portray to you?

I woke up this morning feeling slightly sad and apprehensive. I remembered my prior dream a lot better than I usually do (which is pretty much never!). There was an occurrence of love at first sight with me and this other man. I think I was at work with a busy (IOW crowded) day. He was there with another woman, which I think was his girlfriend. We slightly flirted, making eye contact, smiling at each other, etc., etc., etc.

Hours, minutes, or moments later (it’s always so hard to tell which in dreamland) I received an anonymous gift of flowers. Nothing fancy; it was practically a stem of beautiful exotic flowers. I wonder who it was from and my eyes went back to the guy I was flirting with. A slight smile came across his face, which, in this dream, confirmed that the anonymous sender was he. Now this is where the imagination kicks in.

Some disaster was approaching, god only knows (since I can’t remember!). In this rush, the man pulled me aside and we “hid” in the restroom and he spoke some words of love or caring or something along those lines that, once again, I can’t remember. We hugged like lovers being, um, torn apart, or, um, something like that. (Okay, I’m not good with romantic themed metaphors. Shoot me!) The panic ensued and the all was evacuated out, stampede style! People were carried away by the vanloads, and I was, of course, in the same van as my mysterious man and his girl. We approached our destination (which looked strangely like my childhood neighborhood) and were to, well; get the heck out of the vehicle. Now during this trip, the guy’s girl caught some vague happenings between her man and me. Tears were welting in my eyes and he kept looking back at me with concern. When we did get kicked out, she grabbed her guy by the arm, looked in his in his eyes, and announced that she was carrying his child. (IOW, “I’m not letting you leave me to raise this kid by myself, you bastard.” If any of ya’ll watch Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls, it was sort of like that scene in which Christopher told Lorelei that his girlfriend was pregnant.) I was absolutely heartbroken and I could see that he was distressed by this news. WE looked at each other knowing that it was over before it begins. I ran off in sobs and cried, and etc., etc., etc. And that’s pretty much it.

When I did wake up, like I said, I felt slightly sad and apprehensive. It was feelings that stuck with me through the morning. More importantly, what the heck did it mean??!! The only thing I understood was the guy in my dream. It was (*prepare to laugh*) Christian Bale. But that’s because I ended up seeing three movies this week with him as the star. Actions like that will sink people/places/things into the subconscious. But I digress from the subject. What the heck did my dream mean?

So, you peeps out there got two things to answer for me: if ya' can. What color you dream in and, more importantly, what my dream meant?

All responses shall be rewarded with my undying gratitude.



This morning, maybe only after 30 minutes after clocking in at my customer service-tourism related job, my manager comes to me with a warning.

Manager: " Angie, have you heard about the hearing impaired party that will be on our first (tour)?"

Me: "No."

Manager: "Well to give you a heads up, (the tour company we are in partnership with) has a group of four that are hearing impaired that has been giving the company quite some trouble. They've been e-mailing (us) back and forth for weeks now demanding an interuptor on board the (tour). When they were let known that (we) didn't have one, that all (we) had were written up guides, they said they were insulted by that and they would go to a lawyer if we don't make things right. (We) did check into an interuptor and that'll be somewheres around $1000 for there services! In the end, even though they said they found other tours that would provide them with am interuptor, they still decided to go with (us) and they've still been difficult, though everything that (we) can possibly do for them has been done. So just be aware that they will be on our (tour) this morning."

Demanded? Lawyer? What the %^&$?!? The first thing I thought was why don't they go somewhere else? Heck, even my manager asked her higher ups about us having to take them as guest. When the company 's lawyer was questioned on this, he/she said we did. They even sent e-mails saying they would cause trouble during the tours if their needs weren't met. Cause trouble during the tours. Gosh, it's like children were coresponding with the company.

In my eyes, they were bluffing to get what they wanted. And it worked. Demanded things we didn't have to offer. Threathened us with legalities and disruption of tours. (And these were adults!!) They said other tours offered what they wanted, so why didn't go to them? It was because they were bluffing and because the were pricks and a$$holes.


7 Days and Counting

In exactly one week from this moment, I shall be in New York City with one of my best friends. :D :D :D

I can't wait! I'm finally becoming excited about my long awaited vaction once agian!

In the meantime, would anyone like me to bring them back anything?

*On a side note, only 12 more days to go till Batman Begins. Sch-weet!!