and now for something completely different...

I have a paper due at the end of this month about gagaku music in Japan. It's for a anthropological music class in which the professor does not speak about music. Quite interesting, if you look at that fact. (Been over 5 weeks and he has just mentioned music in culture; CRAZY man, crazy!!)

I'm telling you lovely people because I hoping that someone who has just read that would know something about gagaku and where to find some kind of useful info on it. YES! This is a cry for help. Help!!

Everything I keep finding is simply another lesson in repitition; same ol' same ol'...

Thanks if you can...and if not, just thanks for reading!

PS Thanks Orchard for those kind words. It seems this month I've been needing to hear soemthing inspirational and uplifting almost every other day...but I do not fear because this month is almost over (!yay!). Thanks so freaking much agian!


Anonymous said...

Gagaku? isn't that the sushi roll with the wasabi, tuna, and a touch of roe?


javafoofoo said...

Why yes it is, ya smartazz.

Cajun504 said...

Here's some useful links for your Gagaku paper. Now, don't do like the yo-yo's in the Gambit story and cheat with this...(wink, wink!)




Take care, now. I've been offering you up in prayer a lot recently. So since I always ask for others to be helped instead of myself, I'm sure it'll continue the pattern!


Orchard P Dirk said...

Well, I do hope that you have received the information that you need, because music from other cultues, especially in academic papers, is a nice thing to know. I hope that you are feeling well in this month of April! love, orch