Bradndon Here I Come!

It's been a littloe over a month since I've seen any of my friends. Isn't that weird? I've only been around family, not there's anything wrong with that. My family and I actually get along...well most of them.

Anyhoo, I quit my job so I can be back in New Orleans, presnting that problem of finding a new job, though I still have some things to close in Thibodaux before a permanent stay.

I'll be working two more nights this week for what shall be my former boss, due to a personal flaw in me in which I simply can't quit on the spot. I perfer to give an advance notice. On the bright side, that means two days to gain more cash! Boo-Ya! I also need to officially drop out of school. The only reason I stuck around was due to the excellent teacher I had, making it my only regret.

So off I go today till Saturday, once again shacking up at grandpa's place. Though sadly, no Nova. My grandpa really enjoyed the company of my precious.

I look forward to Saturday, in which I will head off to Brandon...after I get me paycheck!

It's going to be elated event when I see Stacey and Rob again, who I look at as sister and brother. (I have one, brother that is, but we're not exactly as one would say, close.) I can't wait to see Drew again, who I see as more of a Brother in law. Get it? Stacey sister, husband brother in-law? I know, I know, CHEESE!

Oh, and Stacey owes me a cookie, and I will hold her on that.


My meme

Since I love my Satcey so much, I figured I would respond to her request.

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Visit New Zealand/Australia
2. Learn Japanese
3. Visit Japan
4. Live in New York City for a few months
5. Renovate an old New Orleans home
6. Take cruises in Alaska and Mediterranean
7. Become a mother

7 things I can do:

1. Sing…good
2. Draw…good
3. Use my extreme powers of common sense to its full potential
4. Wear sizes 10 jeans (WOO-HOO! Look out size 8, here I come!)
5. Drive and drive and drive
6. Have seizures
7. Program my VCR, fix a flat tire, use power tools, use hand held tools, use a knife without cutting myself

7 things I can't do:

1. Drive a motorcycle.
2. Touch my nose with my tongue
3. A backflip
4. Type over 45 words per minute
5. grammer no write best
6. Write and design my own webpage
7. Stand on one foot with my eyes close, on the edge of a very tall building, wearing nothing but a burlap bag and sing the National Anthem backwards

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. A warm, great smile
2. Outgoing personalities
3. Athletic/energetic
4. Cultured (but not in that snobby way)
5. Lean/fit body
6. Striking eyes
7. A great personality…behind a great smile!

7 things I say most often:

1. Uh…
2. Come here my precious… (Seriously, to my cat! Damn movies…)
3. You’re kidding!
4. Well…
5. Okay now…
6. …I’m just making up stuff…
8. ...to fill in this last three!

7 celebrity crushes:
(This was actually the hardest one. I really had to think!) Now, in no particular order…

1. Micheal Rosenbaum (ever since I saw him on MTV’s cribs…)
2. Julian McMahon
3. Jamie Bamber (He's the one on the left)
4. Hugh Jackman
5. Ewan McGregor
6. Brad Pitt (He’s like wine…gets better with age!)
7. Okay, there ain’t no more…go away

7 people I want to do this:

1. Just to summarize, pretty much everyone and anyone. These things are fun and it’s fun to alo get a look into someone else. Fun, fun, fun!!!


Be Careful what You Wish For

To quote on e of my past co-workers,"Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord!"

So, you already heard my rant about how I wish I could stay home and how I was going to quit my job, right? Well here's the update...

Yesterday afternoon, my mom was crotched on the floor, between my bed and entertainment center, looking for Nova who was hiding under the bed. This posistion blocked the door. I wanted out. I went to hop over her, than WHAM! A few choice words came out of my mouth while I grabed my toe in misery. That was the end of that...so I thought.

This morning, I was awoken with a slight throbbing pain in my toe. Crap, I thought. I figured it was a sign to wake up and get of bed, so I flung my legs over the saide, stood up, than BLAM! Right on the floor I went.

No, I didn't trip.

No, I didn't slip.

Yes, my toe apparently decided overnight to cause me great pain in the morning, which is exactly what I felt when I stood up. Yay!

I hopped, with tears in my eyes, crying out desperately for help.My toe seemed to have some foreseeing powers in which if I even tried to touch the floor, it would scream out in pain. Damn entertainment center.

To amke a long story short, I have found out that my toe is badly sprained, henceforth I must saty off it, using crutches--I beleive that crutches are an evil created by man to add more pain to you misery.

What this ends up doing is keeping me at home.

What this also ends up doing is keeping me from work.

What this will do is make my employer think I'm using this as an excuse when I say "I quit."

Oh well.

I leave you now so I can start hoping and wishing for myself to win the lottery.


Home Sweet Home

I'm home for a day or two due to Rita. It went west, henceforth I went east. See how that works?

I really miss being here. I've ben staying went the relatives just out of Thibodaux, Louisiana for school. I also picked up a job waitressing (just in case ya didn't know, IOW read the previuos post!)

Strangly, I only get homesick when I'm forced to stay away from home. There's only been two-times in my twenty-five years in this life in which I felt that. I had it right after 9/11, in which i was vacationing went some freinds in Los Angeles. I was suppose to return home on the tragic day, but to obvious reasons, i had to keep away from home for awhile.

Presently, this is the second. I'm technically not being forced to keep away from home, but if i wanted to go to school...yet after this kind of crap, school just doesn't seem so important...for now.

now I just gotta find another way to finance myself.

I wonder if i could get that tour guide job that's being offered in Costa Rica?


Tidbits and of the Like

Hello there. I'm back. Sorry that I haven't written, I've been a little, pre-occupied.Oh, and I didn't have the internet for quite some time. Oh, and frankly, I kinda forgot.:D

There's so much to say, and I really don't want to ramble, which is what I'll end up doing. So i figured "tidbits" is the best way toc onvey all that crap that's been going down, and simply has amused me.

—To all those people who have been jumping on the cases of all those kind and generous souls that have been doing the best they can for New Orleans, shut the hell up. Why are you picking on our local government? Were you here? Why are you bitching about evacuation procedures and what "little was down"? Were you here? Why were you shooting your guns at people who were coming to RESCUE you? Are you mental? (okay, that last satement was directed at those who will never read this, but I still had to say it.)

—Why are you jumping all over a school's workers about overbooking a class or an office not being open at a convenient time so you could get your book vouchers? SHUT UP!! At least they're helping you. They didn't even have to let us into their college.

—I miss cable. I miss Adult Swim. I miss Battlestar Galactica. I miss home. I miss Delgado.

—I'm happy I have the prior stuff to complain about since all that is still there, and not completely gone. (Thanks up there!)

—Nova's with me and his the bestest cat in the whole wide world! (I love ya' baby! XOXO)

—Thanks a whole freaking bunch with hugs and kisses and sunbeam and sunshine and with a huge cherry on top to all those that have helped out with the victims of Katrina. No matter how big or small that was, it mattered.

—My American Literature teacher is the BOMB! One of the only good things I have found at my temporary college.

—Waitressing isn't as bad as I thought...especially when good tips are involved!

—Thank you to the countless cities and states that have opened up there doors and homes for those who need it. Thank you to all the countries who have helped us all out. I can't speak for everyone, but I feel that there's no way to convey the many thanks that go to each and every one of y'all. XOXOXO

—Why is it that you appreciate something after it's gone?

—The prior statment does not refer to the city of New Orleans; I have always appreciated her, have always loved her, and always will.

—Celebratory, after party on Bourbon Street in the month of January. Specifics to be posted later on.

Hugs and kisses to one and all and love and prayers to those whose lives were drastically changed by Katrina.